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NIO explains the advantages of lidar system | What does the world look like in the eyes of lidar?

On April 22, NIO explains the advantages of lidar system with an article titled “What does the world look like in the eyes of lidar?”


Can you drive against the light during the day?

Or when traveling in the dark of night

Are you always alert to the dangers that lurk in the shadows?


And all of this can be seen by ultra-long-range lidar

LiDAR has the characteristics of ultra-long-distance penetration through the atmosphere

In this way, it is no longer limited by ambient light, light and shade, and object size

Can see far, see clearly, see steadily

Is the current autonomous driving industry

The preferred solution for ultra-long-range perception



In 2021, ET7 officially debuted

It is the world’s first mass-produced car equipped with lidar

Leading the industry so far


Lidar-based ultra-long-range detection capabilities and atmospheric penetration capabilities can assist vehicles to achieve high-precision, efficient, and safe driving journeys

At the moment, together with ET7

Discover the dangers lurking in the dark



Watchtower layout reduces blind spots

Knows the ultra-distance road condition information in advance

The farthest detection distance can reach 500 meters



ROI dynamically adjustable

Enables smaller, more accurate generic obstacle detection



Penetrating atmospheric barrier

Can cope with various scenes such as strong light at night

See and regulate earlier than people



No fear of harsh environments such as backlighting and low visibility

More stable detection of target objects


NIO Intelligent Driving Hardware System

Aquila NIO Super Sensing System

As the “eyes” of the whole car

Co-integration of lidar and multi-sensor perception

Can provide a full range of mass-level environmental information output for vehicles

33 piece High Performance Aware Hardware

Defining a new standard for mass-produced vehicles’ autonomous driving perception systems

Combined with the computing power of Adam supercomputing platform 1016TOPS

Bringing faster path planning and control decisions to the car

NIO models currently equipped with the “Banyan·Rong” intelligent system

In addition to NOP+ enhanced navigation assistance function

Fusion perception also performs real-time calculation and decision-making for all assisted driving functions such as lane centering, intelligent adaptive cruise control, instrument environment perception and simulation display.

Efficiently ensuring driving safety


At NIO Center | Shanghai Auto Show

NIO Innovations Exhibition Area

For the first time, we bring the Aquila hypersensory system

Real-time Perception Demonstration

Lead everyone into the world of Aquila

Full-stack self-developed visualization image: In the form of “occupancy grid”, it indicates which areas of the vehicle driving area are occupied by obstacles, Each grid represents a small 3D space of the real world. The combination of multiple grids can finely characterize obstacles of various shapes. The expression form occupying the grid can also output rich geometric and semantic information, such as category, dynamic and static, speed, 3D height, 3D position, etc.

Multi-sensor association: The things seen by “multiple eyes” are integrated to form a unified and stable picture, providing stable detection results of 360-degree surround view.

Multi-view and timing input: It can simultaneously realize dynamic target detection, tracking, speed measurement, prediction, and static environment segmentation, clustering and occupancy grid prediction, and realizes the integration and deployment of multi-sensing functions on mass-produced vehicles on a large scale landing.

As a result, the vehicle can cope with various complex challenges in the process of intelligent driving, bringing a safe and worry-free journey experience.