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NIO reported ten “most NIO” highlights at the Shanghai Auto Show

On April 22, NIO reported ten “most NIO” highlights at the Shanghai Auto Show.


In the past few days at the Shanghai International Auto Show, how popular is the NIO booth? Let’s see the picture and talk——

Behind the crowds like weaving, what are the “most NIO” highlights that get attention? Now, let’s take a review with you.

1. The “most NIO” power-up method: the third-generation power station

It is not the first time that the power swap station has been moved to the exhibition hall, but this time it is worth watching again. After all, there is—

The third-generation power swap station debuted at the auto show.

Through the transparent baffle at the bottom of the battery swap station, you can see the details of the mechanical operation of the “three-workspace coordinated battery swap”, and demonstrate the whole process of swapping batteries for an ET5 in a loop. The overhead display screen demonstrates the two-way interaction between the “digital twin” model and the power station in real time, accurately hitting the cool points of mechanical enthusiasts.

What kind of experience is it to squat and watch the battery change? The case of NIO user Ethan is very representative. In November 2018, he, who loved watching excavators since he was a child, experienced battery replacement for the first time in his life, which made him excited and became a child: “When the mechanical structure starts to screw the screw, when the mechanical sound of clang clang clang clang sounds, the heart seems to tremble along with it… Will there be a problem with it? What is the state now? You were still thinking wildly one second, and suddenly found that the car was fully charged the next second.”

2. The “most NIO” charging experience: NIO 500kW ultra-fast charging

“Rechargeable and replaceable” and the integration of charging and swapping are the ultimate solution for electric car recharging. Of course, the new generation of 500kW ultra-fast charging piles is also indispensable at this auto show.

Since it is called “ultra-fast charging”, the charging speed is naturally quite guaranteed – from 10% to 80%, the 400V model only takes 20 minutes at the fastest, and the 800V model only takes 12 minutes.

To improve the user’s charging experience, in addition to faster charging efficiency, the operability of the gun cable is also an important part. NIO develops ultra-light liquid-cooled gun wire, which is less than half the weight of traditional gun wire, and can be easily operated with one hand, making it more friendly to females.

3. The “most NIO” elegant design: EC7 rear spoiler

Elegance can also be very “cool”. As a streamlined, elegant, sporty and stylish coupe SUV, the active lift-type rear spoiler equipped on the EC7 properly extends the rear curve, which not only increases the visual sense of movement, but also greatly improves the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle, improves wind resistance, increase battery range, and improve handling stability in highway situations.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, NIO has arranged three EC7s in the exhibition area, and you can witness the elegance of the EC7 rear spoiler up close.

4. The “Most NIO” User Landscape: Auto Show User Volunteers

As the business card of the NIO community, NIO car owner volunteers began at the end of 2018. Since then, volunteers have been active in showrooms and delivery sites around the world, committed to letting more people hear the true voices of car owners.

At this Shanghai Auto Show, car owner volunteers appeared in orange uniforms, which are highly recognizable.


If you ask about the original intention of the volunteers, @W—大不刘 (founding member of the Volunteer Committee) who provides services at the auto show said this:
“Our old car owners share some experiences and lessons from the actual use of the car, and complement each other with the official explanations of NIO employees. The persuasiveness is doubled, which is perfect. It is our original intention to exchange sincerity for sincerity.”

Where can you find such a good user?

5. “The most NIO” drink: city special drink

As we all know, wherever the NIO Center is open, NIO city special drink will be developed. Behind each city special drink, there is a city’s inspiration. The source of inspiration can be a unique urban landscape, a unique urban memory, or a unique urban taste. To taste a special drink is to taste a city.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, Huang Zhenhua, the soul of the special drink team, will personally prepare special drinks for you. Master’s craftsmanship is more fragrant? You only know after drinking it.

6. The “Most NIO” speed: EP9

EP9 was released on November 21, 2016. As the first model of NIO, with its leading design and technology concept, it has become the benchmark of electric vehicle design and one of the fastest electric vehicles in the world, and set a series of lap records at numerous tracks around the world.

EP9 is equipped with 4 high-performance motors and 4 independent gearboxes, which can output 1360 horsepower, accelerate from 0 to 200 kilometers in 7.1 seconds, and have a top speed of 313KPH. The EP9 uses a magazine-type replaceable battery system, which can be fully charged in 45 minutes under fast charging mode, and the cruising range can reach 427 kilometers.

In various exhibition halls and auto shows over the years, EP9 is a well-deserved “magic weapon” on the NIO booth.
This auto show broke the exhibition record and displayed an unprecedented number of three “meritorious racing cars”:
They are EP9 (London blue London) – Nürburgring Nordschleife, EP9 (California Blue California) – American Racetrack, and EP9 (Begbroke Blue) – Shanghai International Racetrack.

Blessed are electric racing enthusiasts, one can see all at once.

7. The “most NIO” perspective: look at the world from a bird’s eye view like Aquila

Today, every NT2 second-generation technology platform model that rolls off the production line is equipped with the Aquila NIO super-sensing system as standard.
This powerful perception system contains 33 pieces of high-performance perception hardware. In their respective areas of expertise, through fusion and redundancy, the vehicle can obtain the best perception effect under different working conditions and different distances, and realize multiple 360-degree safety cover. Among them, lidar is particularly excellent, which can quickly obtain 3D depth information, and clearly image pedestrians and vehicles in key areas 200 meters away.

In the innovative technology exhibition area of the Shanghai Auto Show, The engineer moved the fusion perception world “seen” by an EC7 in real time to the screen from a bird’s-eye view, showing “You are looking at the scenery in front of the car, and the car watching the scenery is watching you behind the scene” technology wonders.

On the basis of hardware fusion perception, NIO will use full-stack self-developed algorithms to make breakthroughs in perception, map, positioning, fusion, regulation and control, covering high-speed, urban areas, parking, battery replacement and other vehicle scenarios.

8. The “most NIO” painting: a landscape painting composed of 10,000 user photos

NIO user @薛涴琪, in an accidental flash of inspiration, remembered a professional course called “Plane Composition” in college. So… with the help of a group of NIO community riders, she used 10,000 photos, “10,000 NIO moments in our world”, to reproduce the mosaic collage. Nai’s famous painting, named “Sunrise·NIO·Impression”.


These 10,000 photos were taken by Weiyou from all over the world. There are blockbuster photos of NIO’s full range of models, snapshots of community activities, records of NIO Houses in various places, check-ins at power stations, unpacking of NIO Life goodies, users’ life and travel, scenery, personal photos, andwork sharing. In the words of @薛涴营, “10,000 photos are 10,000 rays of light, radiant; 10,000 photos are 10,000 kinds of scenery, covering everything; 10,000 photos are 10,000 stories, thousands of words.”

The painting entrusts @薛涴闵’s recognition and affection for the NIO community, which brought a lot of shock to the audience, and they stopped and lingered. In the journey of the NIO community, we also look forward to your joining and walking hand in hand.

9. “The most NIO” car-making dream: “NIO Cup” College Student Electric Formula Competition

If you are a college student and your childhood dream is to build a car by yourself, then you must participate in the “NIO Cup” Chinese College Student Formula Electric Competition (FSEC).

This event gives you the opportunity to unite dozens of friends, “handle” more than 3,000 parts and components, and finally design and manufacture an electric formula car—the kind that is fast and cool, and can compete with hundreds of cars in the country. Teams from other colleges and universities competed on the same stage.

“Car talents are engineering talents, if there is no practice, it is useless to only study books.” Using the race as a practical condition has provided a useful supplement to China’s automotive education. This is the original intention of NIO founder Li Bin and the Society of Automotive Engineers of China to launch the Chinese Student Formula Competition (FSC) in 2010. Since 2015, the event has been successfully held eight times.
Nearly 50,000 students participated in the event, providing a large number of high-quality reserve forces for the Chinese auto industry.

The champion of FSEC last year belonged to the electric team of Liuzhou Institute of Technology. The students of the team also came to the Shanghai Auto Show this time. They are ready to teach you some life experience in car building. Are you ready?

10. The “most NIO” color: the car colors come from beautiful skies all over the world

As we all know, each color of NIO models comes from the most beautiful sky colors around the world. From the low-key and calm star gray and cloud white, to the enthusiastic and sporty Martian red and Xiaguang orange, all of them have been recognized by the majority of users.

There are infinite truths about beauty and harmony contained in nature. While exploring the sky and the earth, human beings are constantly drawing inspiration from nature. NIO’s designers bring their inspiration from nature back to color design, bringing warmth to inanimate colors and also bringing a unique visual feast to NIO’s colors.


At this auto show, 14 second-generation models of different colors form a welcome array. The number is unprecedented, and they are quite imposing, welcoming you.