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NIO reported the specifics of ET5 China Insurance Research Institute’s crash test being awarded all safety excellences

On April 23, NIO reported the specifics of ET5 China Insurance Research Institute’s crash test being awarded all safety excellences.





China Insurance Automobile Safety Index Evaluation announced

NIO ET5 received all excellent results in safety test

It is the first pure electric vehicle that received a “G” rating with zero defects in the frontal 25% small offset crash for both main driver and co-driver test items by China Insurance Research Institute.


China Insurance Automobile Safety Index safety test all excellent (G)


Occupant safety index:

Main driver 25% offset collision (zero defect):

Co-driver 25% offset collision (zero defect):

Side impact (zero defect):

Roof strength:


Pedestrian Safety Index:

Vehicle Assisted Safety Index:


G – Excellent
A – Good
M – Average
P – Poor


Security standards that exceed the same level

Let’s uncover the hard core strength behind the outstanding performance

High strength, small deformation

Safety for both the main and the co-driver

In the frontal 25% offset crash test

The amount of deformation of the front cabin structure is the smallest in the same class

The left and right A-pillars are not deformed

The design of the main and co-driver is equal, and the safety of the co-driver is not compromised

Ultra-high-strength all-steel-aluminum composite body

Efficient rigidity extruded aluminum threshold

Can withstand more than 50 tons of impact

Realize “five-star safety” body


Micro details, strong protection
Maximum protection for occupants

Zero defect score for side impact

Smallest passenger compartment intrusion in its class

Reinforcement design between inner and outer plate structures

Forming an excellent side protection barrier


Utilize tapered thickness (TRB) ultra-high strength thermoformed steel

Combined with high-toughness and high-strength steel, rigidity and flexibility

Achieve extreme structural crashworthiness

Eliminate minor material failures


The roof strength is superior to other models in the same class
Good-looking and strong protection umbrella

In the roof strength test

ET5 ranks best among all sedans

One-sided roof can resist 12 tons of pressure

Far superior to similar models

Displaying strength, stronger than strong


Panoramic glass canopy with a lighting area of 1.28m2

Roof strength up to 118.576kN

Equivalent to 5.6 times the weight of the vehicle on one side


Rare middle airbag protection in its class

Better protection against collision impact

In all crash tests

Key body parts of occupants are fully protected

Excellent head protection

Protect the safety of drivers and passengers from the “head”


The whole series comes standard with 7 airbags

Super-large double-chamber protection and super-long pressure-holding safety air curtain design

And the rare middle airbag in the same class

Double protection, effectively reducing the impact of collisions between occupants


The best safety design is to avoid collisions

In the vehicle auxiliary safety test

ET5’s active safety protection system performed well

Effectively avoid accidents

Standard Aquila NIO super-sensing system

ADAM NIO Supercomputing Platform

And 23 safety and driver assistance features

Actively avoid potential hazards

Guard your every trip