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Hunan Police Academy visited EHang partner company in Hunan for AAV application in low-altitude policing

Source: Hunan Police Academy


On April 23, Hunan Police Academy reported that on April 19, members of the Party Committee of the Academy, political Department director Jiang Youwei led a team to visit Hunan Low Altitude Navigator General Aviation Co., Ltd.

Jiang Youwei and his team observed the EHang 216 autonomous aerial vehicles in the EHang aircraft workshop. They also carefully understood the development and positioning of the enterprise, the demand for talents and the introduction policy.

During the discussion and exchange, Jiang Youwei focused on the school’s achievements in personnel training, discipline and professional construction, and serving the society. He said that in the future, the cooperation between institutions and enterprises will be further strengthened, the fields of cooperation will be expanded, the precise connection between supply and demand will be realized, and more talents will be delivered to the society.

Everyone collectively watched AAV-related videos. The enterprise representatives introduced the application scenarios of aircraft, low-altitude economic market prospects and development status, and the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges to discuss the future development space of low-altitude policing.

Subsequently, the Police Command and Tactics Department and Hunan Low Altitude Navigator General Aviation Co., Ltd. signed a department-enterprise cooperation agreement. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in application innovation, joint training of aircraft pilots, air traffic command and dispatch, low-altitude laws and regulations, and safety technical standards.

The principal persons in charge of the Personnel Department, Mission and Education Department, Police Command and Tactics Department participated in the event.