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The secret of why NIO booth is so crowded

Source: Autocarweekly


On April 25, Autocarweekly reported the secret for why NIO booth is so crowded.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, the NIO booth looks very crowded. Wang Wenxuan, Assistant Vice President of User Development at NIO, told the reporter that about 30,000 to 50,000 people visit the 3,000-square-meter booth every day. For many other booths, this sweet burden is rare.

This year, NIO still brought over the NIO House and the “other non-auto businesses”, which is a tradition since NIO participated in the Shanghai Auto Show for the first time in 2017. Every year is similar, but every year is a little different.

For example, to retain the project of power swap station, a transparent base and an overhead screen have been added this year. This allows that the audience who had to squat previously to see the situation clearly, can straighten their knees and raise their heads, and through the digital twin image, see the real-time internal structure during the battery swap.

Another example is this EC7. The key point is actually the grid sand table on the back, which shows the bird’s-eye view perception of the integrated output of the lidar and camera on the car, displayed in the form of occupying the grid, and radiating to the depth of the opposite booth gate. The red frame is an obstacle that affects driving safety, the green frame is a human being, and the purple bar on the green frame is the orientation of the face. It has to be said that there is something about the yet-to-be-explosive Aquila.

The pixel aesthetics continues to the corner of the stairs. It is a world-famous painting. The author is an EC6 user from Henan. He collected 10,000 pieces of sharing from NIO users from the APP community and composed this “Sunrise Impression”.

Popularity has to be the front bar. In the past, this bar was placed upstairs, and was exclusive to users who had NIO points; this year, it has been moved downstairs and ordinary viewers can draw and redeem drink coupons, regardless of nationality.

In order to ensure the supply as much as possible, Wang Wenxuan said that the beverage production team alone has arranged 105 people on rotation, all of whom are transferred directly from the store to the front line.

Since 2015, NIO has been supporting the “NIO Cup” college student formula. Every year, the auto show will bring the cars of the previous year’s champion team to the scene.

This is far different from other serious booths.

Chinese high-end, not BBA+

NIO is obviously not the way of traditional luxury brands.

Although there are many high-end electric vehicles, there are not many high-end electric vehicle brands. Anyone can launch a king-level product, but it does not necessarily become a “high-end brand” naturally. The essence of high-end is not based on products and prices, but rather on ambiguous indicators, such as user psychology and public consensus.

From this standard, the undisputed high-end electric new brand may still have and only NIO.

NIO Life’s new furniture collection

In terms of products, NIO maintains a number of industry firsts, from autonomous driving sensors, to intelligent interior of the car, all-aluminum body, and frame sensing architecture, and introduces many new competitive fields that cars did not have before, such as computing power, algorithms and long-term operations.

Such spiritual civilization construction is not in vain.

For example, at this auto show, more than 300 user volunteers came to the scene, and the number of applicants exceeded 1,000.

Wang Wenxuan expressed his embarrassment and felt that his team had gone too far. People come to be volunteers and have to take exams, but if they really don’t screen them, the booth may not be able to hold up.

The greater driving force or premise is that users psychologically recognize the value created by NIO and are willing to promote it.