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Xpeng: Who is the “ChatGPT” in intelligent driving

On April 24, Xpeng released a post with the title: Who is the “ChatGPT” in intelligent driving.



Who is the “ChatGPT” in smart driving

Super smart coupe – Xpeng new P7i

“Experienced driver” is easy to use

This is the intuitive feeling of the new P7i equipped with a new generation of intelligent driving assistance system XNGP

A smart intelligent driving system is like ChatGPT artificial intelligence

Ultimately assisting humans to solve problems by learning from human data

The new generation of intelligent assisted driving system XNGP is like “ChatGPT” for intelligent driving of car.



A new generation of intelligent assisted driving system XNGP

Possesses the industry’s first end-to-end full-scenario intelligent assisted driving capability
(Remarks: to be implemented in subsequent OTA upgrades)

Can open up the full-scenario from parking out, to urban roads, to expressways, to the city, and finally to parking space

Simply put

From one parking space to another

You can use advanced intelligent assisted driving

Intelligent driving opens up the future

Next, let’s learn about the three key functions of City NGP, highway NGP and VPA-L parking lot memory parking enhanced version


Easy-to-use, safe, and usable urban scenes

Easy to use, close to 90%* manual driving navigation time

The new PZi has the highest computing power of 508TOPS, AI learning driving data

Can significantly improve the ability of urban intelligent assisted driving

Millisecond-level response to prevent jamming, accurate prediction of smart games

Acceleration and deceleration, start and stop, lane change comfort anthropomorphic

In urban scenes, deal with daily urban commuting like an “experienced driver”

Realized nearly 90%* manual driving navigation time

*Data comes from Gosling Lab

Available, reject PPT, prove strength with mass production

The new P7i City NGP has unlocked the three cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai

Mass production of urban high-end intelligent assisted driving is hard power

More cities will be unlocked later, so stay tuned


Highway scene with ease, efficiency and safety

A sense of security comes from early recognition & active response

Are high speeds dangerous?

Highway NGP faces the pressure line of large vehicles

Lane change recognition is more accurate and timely

Automatically stay away from large vehicles in the lane during driving

Feel safe UP!

Easy to plan ahead

How easy is it for high-speed on-ramp vehicles to miss intersections?

High-speed NGP has stronger perception and higher computing power

Like an “old driver” to help you plan your route in advance

Accurate and easy up and down ramps with high-precision maps


Worry-free parking scene

Going home is easy from entering the parking lot

Parking is easy for a smart car

Rely on the VPA-L parking lot memory parking enhanced version, enter your own parking lot and start the easy mode

The vehicle drives to the parking space along the memory route to complete parking

When going out, you can quickly find the energy supply route

Come to an unfamiliar place

Is it time-consuming to find a charging station?

Use VPA-L Parking Memory Parking Plus

Based on the memory route, the charging pile can be found more quickly and automatically


Easy to use, worry-free and safe, full scene coverage
This is

new P7i new generation

Intelligent driving assistance system XNGP