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NIO Capital jointly leads the investment of hundreds of millions in Sichain Semiconductor


It is learned on April 26 from Yiche that a few days ago, NIO Capital jointly led the investment of hundreds of millions of yuan in the A+ round of financing of Sichain Semiconductor.

This financing will be used to improve the supply chain layout, expand the team, build a mass production laboratory and support product volume.

Zhu Yan, managing partner of NIO Capital, said: “Compared with silicon-based devices, silicon carbide power devices have significant advantages at the system and application levels. The silicon carbide market has a large space and fast growth rate, and has a wide range of application scenarios in new energy vehicles and other fields. Sichain Semiconductor is one of the best start-up companies in the field of silicon carbide in China. The team has the richest experience in silicon carbide design and manufacturing in the industry. The company has completed the research and development of SiC MOSFET products and passed the automotive regulatory certification in just over a year since its establishment. The product performance is comparable to overseas counterparts. It is expected to take the lead in realizing localization in the main drive and other parts of electric vehicles.”

Sichain Semiconductor was established in March 2021. The core of the team has been engaged in SiC semiconductor technology for more than 20 years. It is currently one of the very few companies in China that can reach the international first-class level in terms of core performance and reliability of SiC devices, and mass-produce SiC MOSFET for automobiles based on domestic production lines. Related products have been widely used in new energy power generation, new energy vehicles and other fields.