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NIO reported 10,000,000,000 mileage milestone reached

On April 25, NIO reported the milestone of 10,000,000,000km NIO user travel mileage being reached.


The accumulative mileage of NIO users exceeds


April 25, 2023
The accumulative mileage of NIO users exceeds 10 billion kilometers

Thanks for the trust of over 320,000 users

Accompanied by 1,762 days and nights

Together we reached a new milestone for NIO

This is also a new milestone for smart electric vehicles


We use 1.07 million tons of carbon emission reduction to protect the clear sky

10 billion kilometers of pure electric travel

Compared with gasoline vehicles with the same mileage, it saves users about 7 billion yuan in energy supplement fees

More importantly, the reduction of about 1.07 million tons of carbon emissions

Equivalent to 30 years of “workload” of about 9.79 million fir trees


*According to the data released by the Ministry of Natural Resources of China, a fir tree can absorb 111kg of carbon dioxide in 30 years



The footprints of NIO users have lit up more than 370 cities around the world

More than 11,000 users have traveled more than 100,000 kilometers

The user who has driven the farthest has traveled nearly 450,000 kilometers

It is equivalent to traveling all the highways in the world

In Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, there are also more and more users moving forward hand in hand with us



820 million kilometers of smart travel makes the journey easier

The total mileage of NIO’s assisted driving functions has reached 821,329,809 kilometers

The accumulated usage time of users is 10,761,946 hours

Among them, the total mileage of navigation assistance (NOP) has reached 310,598,004 kilometers

Enhanced navigator assist (NOP+) total mileage nas reached 27,302,217 kilometers


In 1.8 billion conversations, NOMI understands you better

The company of NOMI makes the journey warmer

Out of 1,875,824,590 communications

30,235 new names created by users for NOMI

Each NOMI will talk to users 8 times a day on average

Can respond to more than 1,770 voice control commands

And through continuous learning, become more understanding of you


More than 21 million battery swap services, making energy replenishment more convenient and efficient

The continuous improvement of the power-up network makes the journey more worry-free

We have deployed 1,383 battery swap stations around the world

Battery swap accounts for more than 60% of the total electricity consumption of users

The daily peak value of battery swapping reached 62,356 times

It is equivalent to every 0.7 seconds, a NIO car will set off from the power station with a full charge


More than 7 million times of service and protection, letting peace of mind go with you

With the protection of NIO Service, the journey is more secure

NIO Service has provided services 7,248,902 times

Among them, mobile service and road rescue 510,559 times

Where there are NIO users, there is peace of mind

More than 60,000 episodes of NIO Radio programs, accompanying every journey with sound

The active atmosphere of NIO Radio is indispensable during the journey

A total of 62,592 episodes of new programs on NIO Radio

Have accompanied users to spend 1,801,377,825 minutes of pleasant time

More than 4,000 users participated in the sound co-creation

10 billion kilometers is the mileage traveled hand in hand

It is our journey together

Thanks to NIO users for their support and trust

Let’s move forward to the next 10 billion milestone together!