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NIO: NEW EPISODE, more than 200,000 people gathered at NIO Center | Shanghai Auto Show

On April 27, NIO reported that from April 18th to April 27th, the ten-day 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show officially closed.

We created countless wonderful moments with more than 200,000 viewers, and felt the new chapter of NIO together.

2 new models debut
Close-up experience of the whole series of products

The 6 latest models equipped with NIO’s second-generation intelligent system were collectively unveiled at the NIO Center|Shanghai Auto Show.

Smart electric all-round SUV – the new ES6 made its debut and opened reservations. The appearance and performance are completely renewed, and you can feel full of vitality with friends who love life.

The 2023 new ET7 was officially released, bringing more than 15 product updates and upgrades, with more comfortable driving, more refined interior, and smarter experience. The forward-looking technology experience continues to lead the revolution.


Demonstration of 1,400 battery swaps
Demystifying the black technology of battery swap

In order to facilitate on-site users to understand the black technology of battery swap at close range, we have made the process of battery swap clear at a glance through the transparent treatment of the bottom structure of the swap station and the digital twin live broadcast of the on-site battery swap. During the auto show, a total of more than 1,400 battery swap processes were demonstrated, allowing more people to understand the technical details behind NIO Power.

More than 2,000 friends enjoyed an immersive viewing experience

In the NIO Innovations area, the 3D Dolby Atmos experience short film “The Wandering Earth 2” officially landed in the PanoCinema NIO panoramic digital cockpit. A total of more than 2,000 spectators were in the cockpit, immersively feeling the space elevator shuttle in front of them, and enjoying the new experience of in-vehicle entertainment.

NIO Life launched 4 new series
Visiting the exhibition to find more surprises

During the auto show, NIO Life successively launched BLUE SKY LAB’s first furniture series & 23 summer cycle new series, Napa moral training shoes & annual color series and Clean Parks national park series. At the same time, it was also announced that BLUE SKY LAB will cooperate with the young Finnish designer Rolf Ekroth to jointly launch a concept series this autumn.

During the 10-day auto show, more than 800 products were exchanged in the NIO Life area, the most popular of which is the BLUE SKY LAB series.

4 seeds dialogues
Talk about the future life of science and technology

seeds joined hands with NIO ET7 user and founder of Hurricane Pan, Tim Pan, to have a dialogue with 4 guests from different fields on the stage of the auto show with the theme of “Dialogue with the Future”.

Offline users gathered at the NIO booth to listen; More than 40,000 friends watched and listened online and on NIO Radio. Join us to share ideas and get inspired.

106 teams
The new force set out to pursue their dreams

The 2023 “NIO Cup” Chinese College Students Formula Electric Competition (FSEC) and China College Students Formula Auto Driving Competition (FSAC) were officially launched at the NIO Center | Shanghai Auto Show.

This year, a total of 75 college student electric teams and 31 college student driverless teams participated in the competition. We hope that every student can move forward more firmly and confidently on the road of chasing dreams, and power up their dreams together!

More than 300 car owner volunteers
Spreading warmth on the spot

Volunteers for this auto show, from more than 30 cities across the country and partners from other countries, wore brand-new Xiaguang Orange costumes, and patiently explained NIO’s products, community and service concepts to the audience. This dedicated service also added warmth to the NIO booth. Thank you to all the volunteers.

More than 30 user works
Letting the love continue to shine

In the user exhibition hall on the second floor, we also exhibited more than 30 works of art presented by dozens of user artists, showing the good times in ordinary life through photography, installation, sound and other forms.

More than 150 user-recommended books
powering up inspiration

In the Club area on the second floor, there are more than 150 bookss selected and recommended by NIO users in more than 30 cities across the country. Users who come to the booth can read it casually, and enjoy a sense of leisure and relaxation in the lively atmosphere of the auto show.

More than 43,000 glasses of NIO Café special drinks
Feel the spring flavor of NIO House

The eight most popular city special drinks voted by nearly 20,000 NIO users landed in the NIO Center|Shanghai Auto Show, and NIO Café prepared an exclusive special drink “Pomelo Brandy” for the auto show.

A total of more than 43,000 drinks were exchanged in the 10 days of the auto show, and a drink was delivered to the audience in less than 7 seconds on average.


10 lucky viewers
Obtained a Yuexiang Travel Experience Coupon

Scan the QR code and check in on the spot to receive the exclusive blind box for the Shanghai Auto Show. In addition to drink coupons and point gifts, 10 friends also received a 14-day vehicle coupon worth up to about 8,000 yuan for Yuexiang Travel, and immediately experienced a convenient and intelligent travel experience.

Nearly 900 NIO employee partners gathered
Opened a new chapter together

During the Shanghai Auto Show, a total of nearly 900 NIO employee partners from all over the country came to the NIO booth. At the booth, they brought the most wonderful service and experience, and made everyone feel happy with sincerity and smiles.

NEW EPISODE, thank you again for joining us at the NIO Center | Shanghai Auto Show. We look forward to meeting again in the NIO community and opening a new chapter of joy together.