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NIO reported the EC7 nationwide delivery started

NIO reported that on April 28, 2023, NIO EC7, the smart electric flagship coupe SUV, officially started delivery.

In the artistic landmarks all over the country, the first batch of EC7 users felt the power of elegance immersively, and officially started a pleasant journey with EC7.

Elegant encounter with the beauty of architecture

Tadao Ando’s masterpiece, Shanghai Poly Grand Theater, is a cultural kaleidoscope on the shore of Yuanxiang Lake. The first batch of EC7 users in Shanghai met EC7 in the center of the stage behind the curtain in the waterscape theater, and felt the elegance and power of EC7 against the backdrop of contemporary architecture. The product experience manager of EC7 also brought a sharing for users and friends, and deeply interpreted the design aesthetics of EC7 “the most beautiful Coupe SUV”.

Elegant collision with the source of inspiration

In Foshan Maker Town Art Center, the delivery ceremony was held amidst the red brick exterior walls and water shadows on the porch. Users and their EC7 rushed in both directions, and the artistic inspiration bursting out of the architectural scene and the elegance of EC7 complemented each other, creating a unique and exclusive experience of inspiration.

Elegant taste in the realm of art

Users and friends in Chengdu embarked on a journey of aesthetic inspiration with the artist, which coincided with the elegance of EC7. Mr. Hou Junjie, a contemporary oil painting artist, brought seeds to share “Entering the Realm of Blank Space and Observing the Pure Beauty”. On the lakeside lawn full of artistic atmosphere, the elegant story of EC7 was officially staged.

Elegantly intertwined with the charm of humanity

Shaoxing is the hometown of celebrities, and Xu Wei is one of them. The Xu Wei Art Museum is a coexistence of humanities and aesthetics.
Here, the elegance and cultural charm of EC7 are intertwined, which also gives users a unique experience.

Dine elegantly with delicacies

In Guangzhou’s unique Southern Tropical Art Atmosphere Cafe, Guangzhou users started their journey with EC7 to experience the quiet corner of the modern city. While enjoying delicious food, while learning about the design aesthetics and extreme performance of EC7, they experienced an exclusive full-sensory delivery in depth.

Journey with the power of elegance

In Hefei, Shenzhen, Guiyang, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Taizhou, Nanjing and other cities, various warm-hearted delivery activities full of ceremonies were held, and the first batch of users of EC7 also officially started a new elegant journey.

Next, EC7 will arrive in more cities, so that more users and friends can feel the power of elegance. You are also welcome to visit NIO Centers and showrooms around the world to experience the ultimate aesthetics, dynamism and elegance of EC7.