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NIO released the service guide for activities on May Day

On April 27, NIO released the service guide for activities on May Day.


Happy travel on May Day

Holiday alarm clock ringing

Farewell to everyday life

Want to set off immediately to break through the enchantment woven by birdsong in the morning light and mountain shadows

Let the sea breeze blow through the eyes full of sunshine

During April 28-May 4, May Day Holiday period

We have prepared a wealth of travel content and activities and look forward to traveling happily with you


Battery Swap

Highway free battery replacement

NIO’s highway power swap network in 6 vertical, 3 horizontal, and 8 major urban agglomerations

A total of 364 highway swap stations

Provide unlimited free battery swap services for all car owners*

Accompany you on the highway roads, go as you want

*Free time: 2023.4.28-5.4, except for business operating vehicles


Battery Charging

Scan code charging benefits

Use the NIO App charging map to scan the code to charge

After screening the red envelope piles and completing charging, you can get reward points

There is also a blind gift box in the charging interface

You will have the opportunity to receive surprise gifts such as (phone) charging and discharging all-in-one devices.



Spring self-driving guide

NIO joins hands with Lonely Planet

Presenting “China Across the Four Seasons: Spring” Tram Self-Driving Guide

Contains 15 Power Journeys routes

Let’s set off together during the holidays, live up to the spring and travel through the four seasons of China



Drive with you

NIO Driving Enjoys Launching Customized Escort Service

Invite you to start a relaxing journey

Don’t worry about travel strategies, don’t worry about unfamiliar routes

The driving enjoyment specialist will accompany you and provide full service


Travel energy replenishment

In the 48 city expressway service area and scenic spots

NIO has set up 88 road service supply stations

Provide energy replenishment guarantee, travel replenishment, guidance and consultation and other services

Waiting all the way, looking forward to adding peace of mind to you



Car Wash

Car wash blind box

Love the car clean, travel more comfortable

After completing the car wash service through the NIO App, you can draw a surprise blind box by commenting

Recommend #My Treasure Car Wash Shop#

Have the opportunity to get a large amount of points and car wash experience coupons


Check in

Rich activities in NIO Center

Starting from April 29th, the National Weilai Center will launch a number of themed activities

“2023 NIO House Special Drinks Tour Exhibition” opens

There are more surprises and limited gifts around

60+ NIO Center “Operation Smile Charity Auction” is warmly launched

Welcome everyone to check in during the journey