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NIO reported its services and user feedbacks: 10 billion mileage journey, they have something to say | Will enter strong product cycle

On April 29, NIO reported its services and user feedbacks with a post titled “NIO’s 10 billion mileage journey, they have something to say”.


Traveled to more than 3,000 places in one year

Use the time of one song to complete a battery change

Made countless friends with a NIO car

10 billion


NIO did something cool with 320,000 like-minded NIO users

That’s 1,762 days and nights

Reached a new milestone of 10 billion kilometers of total user mileage

More than 10,000 users have traveled more than 100,000 kilometers

The user who has driven the farthest has traveled 450,000 kilometers

In this 10-billion mileage, 60% of the supplementary energy comes from battery swap

NIO Service has provided users with more than 3.25 million services

820 million kilometers were driven by NIO intelligent driving

232 car owners have become benefit-sharing partners


01 – The secret of smooth charging and unhindered travel

You should enjoy the beautiful scenery when you travel long distances, and you should not waste time queuing up for charging. It is fundamental to recharge quickly.

-Currently, NIO has deployed 1,399 battery swap stations across the country, and the plan is to add 1,000 power stations for 2023.

-By 2025, NIO will open up the “nine vertical, nine horizontal and nineteen large urban agglomerations” quick battery swap network

-Currently, NIO Power has provided a total of 20 million+ times of battery swap services, with an average of every 1.9 seconds, a NIO vehicle is fully charged and set off from power station.

-The national coverage rate of “power zone houses” reached 70%, providing a total of 821,350 one-key power-up services, and providing battery upgrade services for 17,691 users

From ES8 to the brand-new ES8, there is no hindrance to clocking in the whole country

#张文杰, ES8 user
#Drive NIO to check in 3000+ cities across the country
#微来Community Exploration Ranking First User

My ES8 has driven 150,000 kilometers in the past 3 years, and has three maintenances for 60,000 kilometers a year, all of which are operated by a dedicated car steward, so I don’t have to worry about it myself. Moreover, I can say that there is no pressure to replenish energy when I drive NIO, basically relying on battery replacement, which saves money. Often, other brands of vehicles line up in the service area to charge, and I drove the NIO to change the battery in a few minutes very quickly, which made everyone very envious.


02 – Hard core quality, the premise of happy driving

The premise of driving pleasure is absolute safety guarantee on the road

-NIO ET7 won the five-star safety rating of Euro NCAP (European Union New Car Safety Evaluation Association) with no worries about quality

– In the crash test of China Insurance Research Institute, NIO ET5 has obtained the full safety test excellences, the core items (left and right small offset test, side impact test) zero defect full score.

-Dismantling the ES6, which has driven 450,000 kilometers for three years, found that all parts are only slightly aging and worn, and the battery swp mechanism and battery pack are still new

450,000 kilometers in three years, just go

#Wolves, ran 450,000 kilometers in three years
#微来Car owners have the longest driving mileage
#Replace NIO ES8, continue on the journey

I drove the NIO ES6 across more than half of China, and even visited uninhabited areas like Lop Nur. It can be said that NIO’s convenient battery replacement is my confidence to set off again and again. My NIO has undergone more than 1,300 battery swaps. Not only is it convenient, but also the speed and experience are in line with expectations. Now I have replaced it with a NIO ES8, so I can go to more places to enjoy the scenery.


03 – Full-process service, so that the experience is not limited to the car

Many people say that after becoming a NIO user,

they feel a different high-end service

-NIO Service has provided users with more than 3.25 million services

-NIO Service provides free enhanced services such as full package of vehicle maintenance within 60,000 kilometers per year, timely reminders, etc.

-NIO Service provides free maintenance of original accessories, original factory repairs, etc.

-Of course, car wash, valet driving, airport valet parking, maintenance and emergency charging — None of these services are lacking

My NIO exclusive service surprised my family

#燕红, NIO ES6 user
#Well-known writer, representative work “Misreading Red Mansions”
#微来【You are loved because of your soul】Community initiator

NIO gave me a great “sense of certainty”, such as no need to queue up for refueling, no need to communicate back and forth for car washing. Once in my hometown, NIO’s exclusive service personnel came to help me pick up and charge my car, which surprised my family members. I think NIO is not just a car, but a way of life. Just like the [You Are Loved Because of Your Soul] community I established, everyone gathers because of interesting souls.


04 – From the first test drive to countless times of trust

A good car should be shared with good friends, Wei Lai deserves it more

– NIO has delivered 310,000+ products in the high-end market, and is a smart travel product trusted by more people

– At present, the number of registered users of NIO APP has exceeded 4.3 million, and the number of active users has exceeded 1 million

– In 2023, 8 NIO personalized high-end products will be on sale at the same time, which is currently the strongest product lineup of high-end smart electric vehicles in the world, indicating that NIO has entered a strong product cycle

Collect all NIO cars, I’m serious

# Owner of “Family Barrel” with eight models
#万千哥, the highest score ever exceeded one million
#微来推荐官, invited 740 people to test drive, and 82 friends have picked up the car

I became acquainted with NIO because of a friend’s recommendation. After a test drive, I found that the overall driving feeling and overall quality were better than my own fuel car, so I decisively placed an order and replaced it with NIO.
Later, the quality and service of NIO made me more and more inseparable from it. For example, when I used to drive imported cars for maintenance, the staff were very arrogant, but NIO’s service is very considerate and timely, which makes people really feel a warm current.


05 – Unlock technology to make travel smarter

What is Future Mobility? It is NIO Mobility

– As of April 8, 2023, nearly 45,000 car owners have signed up for the NOP+ Beta free trial, and the mileage has exceeded 21 million kilometers

– NIO users have completed 1.8 billion conversations with the continuously evolving NOMI

– Enhanced navigation assistance NOP+ will bring users an industry-leading intelligent driving experience on highways and urban expressways

– Wearing NIO Air AR Glasses, users can sit on a 130-inch large screen equivalent to 4 meters away, and cooperate with the 3D space display system to enjoy a cinema-like shocking viewing experience

-PanoCinema NIO panoramic digital cockpit comes standard with 7.1.4 immersive sound system, 23 speakers acoustic layout


After 5 NIOs, order ES6 blindly

#Fengye, currently owns 5 NIO cars
#Self-drive lovers
#直书ES6, I think the whole experience of driving NIO surpasses similar products

From Porsche Panamera to NIO’s original ES8, although I have 5 NIOs, I still blindly ordered the brand new ES6. I have driven NIO to the Everest base camp, and I don’t have to worry about battery range and energy replenishment. My favorite is ET7, it is the ceiling of its kind in my mind. And, waking up NOMI every time is the greatest pleasure.


06 – Not just a user, but a win-win partner

NIO is a kind of life, people who work with NIO are partners

– As the pioneer of user enterprises, NIO shares joy and grows together with users

– The activity, cohesion and growth of the NIO user community have become an important feature of the NIO brand that distinguishes it from other brands

– NIO has created an original resource sharing platform – Car Owner Benefit Partner, which includes three major categories: rich experience, travel accommodation, and treasured food, covering more than 100 cities and cooperating with more than 2,000 stores across the country

– NIO House has spread over 61 cities around the world, and the number exceeds 106

In the NIO community, I have unlimited possibilities

#金银花, ES8 founding edition user
#B&B Switching to Food Entrepreneurship
#NIO Car Owner Welfare Partner

In 2019, through the ordering from NIO Houses, my crayfish products have been to the whole country.

Later, I got to know users from all over the country through NIO, and the benefit-sharing partner project also gave us the opportunity to continue to display, making up for the shortcomings of brand promotion.
It can be said that through the NIO Houses and NIO Benefit Partner Program, my career has developed by leaps and bounds in just four years.

07 – The other side of the world is also enjoying smart driving

To turn driving into a kind of enjoyment and cover the whole world with services, NIO has been working hard

NIO has accumulatively deployed 13 swapping stations, 7 supercharging stations, 22 charging piles, and more than 388,000 third-party charging piles in Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark.

When I met NIO across the country, I replaced RS3 with ET7

#Simon, the first ET7 owners in Germany
#German Artificial Intelligence Company
#SustainableDevelopmentConcepts choose NIO EV to replace fuel car

I have my own artificial intelligence company NEUROLOGIQ in Germany. In 2020, because of my recognition of NIO’s brand philosophy and values, I bought NIO stocks. After choosing the ET7, I think it is very smooth to drive, very powerful and very pleasant to drive. I think, when the ET5 is released, I’ll trade it up because it’s more nimble for city driving.

Driving through 10 billion mileage

It means that NIO has entered the stage of rapid development of scale

In 2023, NIO will have eight personalized high-end products of the second-generation technology platform on sale at the same time

Satisfying personalized pleasant experience in different car usage scenarios

NIO will enter a strong product cycle

In the next 10-billion mileage, the story between users and NIO will continue