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NIO: seeds review of Shanghai Auto Show | Listen to the industry’s famous guests to talk about the future

On April 27, NIO reported that from from April 22nd to April 23rd, at the NIO booth at the Shanghai Auto Show, Pan Tianhong, NIO ET7 user and founder of Hurricane Films, was a guest at seeds and dialogued with NIO Design Vice President Kris Tomasson,
Ren Shaoqing, Assistant President of NIO Autonomous Driving R&D,
Shen Fei, Senior Vice President of NIO Energy, and
NIO user and musician Tian Mi.


The audience of the auto show gathered at the NIO booth, listened to the guests talk about advanced technologies and technologies in the industry, gained new knowledge, and grew together. The online live broadcast and NIO Radio also received more than 40,000 viewers and listeners. Everyone gathered inspiration and discussed the future together.

From today, one episode per day, seeds will be launched on Station B @微来_NIO and NIO Radio, and the full content can also be watched on NIO App@seeds and WeChat video account @奇来.

Let’s review the past and learn the new, and review the 4 wonderful conversations.

01 – Looking at the future car form from design
Tim talked to Kris Tomasson, Vice President of Design at NIO

As a benchmark designer in the industry, Kris Tomasson has designed amazing works for many well-known brands. In this dialogue, Kris shared his principles, ideas and development thinking about car design. He said that there is no limit to car design, but more attention should be paid to user experience. Cars will become people’s second living space in the future. How to perfectly integrate technology and aesthetics to create a more pleasant experience elegantly is worthy of attention.

During the conversation, Kris also gave us an in-depth interpretation of the design philosophy of the NIO brand, from the birth of the brand logo to the design of the new es6 and ec7.

02 – From ideal to reality, heading for the future
Tim talked with Ren Shaoqing, Assistant President of Autonomous Driving R&D at NIO

Since 2004, the overall development of autonomous driving technology has exploded. In this conversation, Tim and Ren Shaoqing discussed the principles and applications of autonomous driving technology. With the improvement of algorithm and sensor technology, the application scenarios of autonomous driving will become more abundant.

Ren Shaoqing also described in detail the principles of computer vision technology and its application in driving and daily life in this dialogue.

Exploring the future, Ren Shaoqing said that with the development and improvement of autonomous driving technology, cars will change the way of human life. At the same time, this technology also brings more possibilities to the field of pan-robots.

03 – Standing on the time axis to see the possibility of EV energy development
Tim talked with Shen Fei, Senior Vice President of NIO Energy

Why do power stations? Swapping the battery decouples the battery from the car, and greatly improves the energy replenishment efficiency of the car’s battery. In this dialogue with Tim, Shen Fei told you in detail the research and development process of EV energy and the more possibilities brought by battery swap for future development.

The operation mechanism of the power swap station is designed by combining statistical laws and randomness to achieve a perfect balance between user experience and power swap efficiency. Shen Fei said that battery swap will bring more room for imagination in the energy field, and the “1000 stations and 10,000 piles” plan implemented according to local conditions allows the organic combination of battery swap and charging, and also provides users with a full-scenario power-up solution.

Electric vehicles are the ideal carrier of virtual power plants. Shen Fei also described the development of electric vehicle energy for us. The introduction of virtual power plants, the application of fully automated operation technology and the proposal of comprehensive methods will meet people’s more needs for battery replacement.

04 – The Voice of the Times: When Music Flows to Eternity
Tim talked to NIO ET7 user and young composer Tian Mi

The creation of melody and lyrics is parallel, using music to read the rhythm and scene from the text. In this conversation, Tian Mi shared his own music creation story and his insights on the development of music in the era. In this era of decentralization, the music that represents the characteristics of the times is also showing a trend of fragmentation.

Tian Mi also talked about the relationship between technology and music. In the process of music creation, while embracing AI creation technology, we must also grasp the core of creation. No matter which way, you must output your understanding of beauty and your own emotions to make the work more real and full. Focusing on the core of the current context, the music is integrated with other elements to present the whole picture beautifully.

The popularity and uniqueness of music in the future will no longer be separated, but will become a cohesive relationship. In the future, the car will become the second space for music creation, and the interior space of the car itself has privacy. With the control and improvement of relevant sound, AR and other technologies, the audio-visual space in the car will bring a more immersive music experience , It will also help musicians to focus on creation.

Welcome to NIO Radio [on-demand interface] – [podcast channel] to listen to more “seeds selection” content. There will be more guests as guests in the future, so stay tuned.