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Xpeng reported strategic cooperation with 8 leading insurance companies | Calling on the industry to accelerate the autonomous driving insurance system

Source: Xpeng


On April 28, Xpeng announced the establishment of strategic cooperation with 8 leading insurance companies including PICC Property Insurance Co., Ltd., China Ping An Property Insurance Co., Ltd., and China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd., and released the smart insurance service system and related products to provide users with more car protection.

Based on this cooperation, we will work with our strategic partners to explore and research an insurance system suitable for intelligent assisted driving vehicles, support the development of autonomous driving technology and accelerate the commercial application of intelligent driving technology, and promote and help autonomous driving truly enter many households.

The new smart insurance service system is released!
Closed-loop online operation of the entire process from auto insurance insurance to claims settlement

Xpeng has invested a lot of technological capabilities and R&D resources in the research of users’ insurance needs and experience. At the same time, thanks to the strong support of 8 cooperative leading insurance companies, we have completed the development and construction of a smart insurance service system. The online insurance penetration rate of Xpeng car owners is nearly 90%, and the satisfaction rate of smart claims is 98%. This system has played a positive role in the efficiency of new car delivery, the consistency of user experience and the improvement of word of mouth.

As a leading enterprise of new car-making forces, we actively use our own smart technology and the inherent data advantages of smart cars to launch smart insurance claims services and products that allow car owners to use them with peace of mind, peace of mind, and peace of mind.

The smart insurance claims service can intelligently recommend insurance plans on the APP based on the needs of car owners, realizing one-click insurance application, online order issuance and immediate effect, online report, intelligent investigation, and scheduled maintenance. Xpeng is the first company in the new energy vehicle industry to realize the closed-loop online operation of the whole process of “car use + insurance + service”. Up to now, the smart insurance claims service has served nearly 40,000 car owners.

Let autonomous driving truly enter mainstream households!
Call on the industry to accelerate the exploration and improvement of the autonomous driving insurance system

He Xiaopeng, chairman and CEO of Xpeng, said: “Xpeng’s autonomous driving technology is leading in China, and the company is also making huge changes.
I think we will enter the market ahead of schedule, so we need the support of policies, regulations and everyone in the insurance industry. Only when we safely explore the future of the autonomous driving market together can China have technological innovation.”

As a pioneer in the smart car industry, Xpeng, this strategic cooperation has further deepened the insurance industry’s understanding and attention to our autonomous driving technology and smart car insurance services, and will help accelerate industry exploration and improve the claim protection mechanism for smart insurance products and automatic driving insurance system, and support the development of automatic driving technology and accelerate the commercial application of intelligent driving technology.

In the future, we will continue to deepen cooperation with various insurance companies to jointly explore and establish an insurance product system for autonomous driving technology and autonomous vehicles to help the smart car industry develop healthier and more stably, and promote the faster, better and safer entry of autonomous driving into the lives of ordinary consumers.