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NO explains why electric cars are more suitable for light luxury camping and ES7 is the perfect fit

On April 29, NIO released an article explaining why electric cars are more suitable for light luxury camping and ES7 is the perfect fit.


If you are a severe camping addict and you are ready to have a casual “Glamping” with your friends at any time in your spare time, then congratulations, you have caught up with the good times.


In recent years, the national camping economy has rapidly heated up. Statistics show that in 2022, the core camping market alone will reach 113.4 billion yuan. The maturity of the industry has ushered in a great leap forward: there are more places you can go, better camping supplies you can buy, and better camp facilities.

But if you want to have fun and enjoy yourself, these are not enough. You also need a car that is more suitable and understands you better.


It’s really important to have electricity

As a recreational sport, generally speaking, camping is divided into three types.

Many years ago, you may have been keen on the traditional cross-country camping of “eyes are heaven, body is hell”, and you picked up your backpack and kept going among the mountains and streams; You may also have been obsessed with BC camping (Bush Craft, jungle skills), enjoying the thrill of solving difficult problems with skillful hands and ingenuity.

But as you get older and the pressure increases, you no longer want to be overly involved after work, and instead pursue the comfort of the process with stability and guarantee. You start to enjoy a completely different style – “Glamping”, which focuses on emotional consumption and sense of ritual, and gets closer to nature with a more comfortable posture.

“Glamping” emerged in Japan, Europe and the United States 30 years ago. At that time, the “bubble economy crisis” affected overseas travel, and urbanites urgently needed a new way of vacation. The addition of cars has doubled the distance accessibility and load capacity, and the exquisite and luxurious “mobile-home” style camping has since become possible.


Nowadays, apart from the need to be as professional as possible in terms of personal image, ” mobile-home” has little similarity with traditional camping.

It used to be that the lighter the camping tent the better, but in style camping you don’t like not being able to stand up straight in the tent. In order to “straighten the waist and not hold back”, a large tent weighing more than 10 kilograms must be standard, although this is completely unacceptable to “hardcore” traditional campers.

In addition to tents, picnic mats, double sleeping bags for couples, and silver-coated sunscreen camping canopies must also be included in the basic equipment list-care for your skin at any time when you are close to nature. An inflatable sofa is even more essential: Even in camping, you need to change your position and lie flat at any time.

This is not enough. To create a sophisticated, luxurious and casual atmosphere, you also need egg roll tables, beach folding chairs, cassette stoves, barbecue grills, outdoor campers, pots, tableware, and travel tea sets. The “2021 Z Generation Z Camping Social White Paper” shows that mobile bathhouses, folding toilets and even pet anti-lost clothing have been selected as the so-called “eight items of exquisite (style) camping”.

The sign of a complete break with traditional camping may be the addition of camping appliances. No matter eating at the campsite, making coffee, throwing Frisbees, sandbags, playing board games, or having a drink around the campfire and talking about the international situation. You will all find that times have changed, and sufficient power is indeed essential.

Not to mention the need for forest fire prevention, the use of open flames is prohibited in many camping forest areas, purely from the perspective of hedonism-only an outdoor refrigerator can keep your wine glass filled with ice at any time, and the overnight steak still tastes right; Only outdoor air conditioners can guarantee that you will be safe and sound even if you camp in the midsummer under the poisonous sun; Outdoor kettles and electric coffee machines help you maintain the elegance of the “coffee man” in the metropolis at any time.

And that’s just the basics. You, who are not afraid of tediousness and infinitely pursue physical comfort, visual ritual and photographic beauty, are also eager to add more electrical appliances. You will use electric steam ovens, air fryers, portable coffee machines, shabu-roasting pots, smart projectors, and even a full set of photography equipment. Wherever it is, nothingg is there.

All of the above require sufficient power support. And the best source of electricity, of course, is your car.

If a traditional fuel vehicle wants to output electricity, it can only use the engine as the source of supply, and the engine will drive the generator to generate electricity, which will inevitably generate exhaust gas emissions and high heat energy, and long-term idling will also increase engine wear.

The battery energy storage mode of an electric vehicle is equivalent to carrying an extremely powerful mobile power supply – no secondary conversion, no exhaust emissions, no heat source and noise, no air and oil consumption, and no carbon monoxide poisoning. Dangerous, does not cause engine wear… Of course, it is more in line with the original meaning of camping “close to nature” and pursuing an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Taking the NIO ES7 as an example, connecting NIO’s portable charging and discharging all-in-one machine can achieve a maximum external discharge power of 3.3kW, which can satisfy 3-5 people when camping at the same time using two 1.5kW outdoor induction cookers. , Speakers, projectors and other equipment power supply is not a problem.

Energy saving and environmental protection, good for fire prevention in forest areas, let your light luxury camping enjoy the real freedom of electricity consumption.


To be able to load goods, but also to be able to “pack” people

Style camping is nicknamed “mobile-home ” camping, and it’s just right—your mountainous camping belongings not only need electricity, but also have a place to load them. Maximizing the use of space is also the strength of ES7.

The NIO ES7 does not have the raised rear floor of traditional fuel vehicles. While ensuring the comfort of the ride, the rear space can be further released. ES7’s trunk has a maximum volume of 658 liters (expanding the storage space under the floor). After the second row of seat backs are folded down, the trunk volume can be expanded to 1,545 liters, which can provide more space for your camping.

On the roof, the ES7 can also expand the load space, and the hidden luggage rack supports third-party cross bars. A roof box is installed on the crossbar, and some light and soft camping items are properly placed, which does not take up space in the compartment and is full of “travel style”.

Maybe you are eager to play hardcore, and the suburban camps can no longer satisfy your free soul. The “Shangri-La” and “Tiger Leaping Gorge” in the distance are the love in your heart. The scenery in the distance is beautiful enough, but the wind at night is also strong enough, your tall tent “is blown away instantly”, what should you do?

Don’t worry, NIO ES7 is equipped with a unique “camping mode”, which can ensure that the vehicle will not be powered off for a long time, so it is also a good choice to rest in the ES7 car.

After calling NOMI to turn on the “camping mode”, the air conditioner in the car will keep running, and the internal and external circulation will switch to automatic mode to keep the air circulation and freshness in the cockpit at all times; At the same time, the vehicle will also be automatically locked to prevent external intrusion and accidental shifting at any time, ensuring your personal safety during camping.

Turn on the tidal mode and the aroma in the car, and through the panoramic sunroof, you will look up at the starry sky and fall asleep listening to soft music.

Wake up the next day (for example, when the music sounds at 07:00 in the quick scene setting, wake up), call NOMI to open the skylight, lean out, and take a breath of fresh air. You are already in the hazy and fresh wilderness, and you will start a beautiful day.

However, although “style camping” is good, and the photos in the circle of friends are indeed relaxed and freehand, there is always a difficult side behind it-to enjoy “moving-style” camping, you have to bear the pain of moving. Even for a two-day and one-night short-term camping, it often takes half a day to set up tents, tables and chairs, and place pots and pans. Whether it is loading, transporting or building, it requires a lot of physical effort.

If you want to further pursue comfort, you have to get more hard-core equipment-the RV.

Only when you drag the RV, it is called “home from all over the world”

The origin of RV camping is very early. In the early 20th century when the automobile was just invented, a group of literary youth pioneers who got rid of survival desires drove to the wilderness to explore the “poetry and distance” of the ancient times.

RV camping with food, drink and bathroom is the ultimate form of camping.
Compared with style camping, its comfort is obviously better – it integrates drinking water, domestic water, sewage system and other living facilities; Televisions, game consoles and other entertainment equipment are readily available; have more storage space; The same mattress and large and soft sofa as at home.

More importantly, as a “home on wheels”, the RV allows you to park at your favorite scenery at any time, even if you only stay for an hour, but it saves you the trouble of “moving” to build a camp – you can come anytime, anytime You can go, stay as long as you want, “wherever you stop, you are home.”

In recent years, although spring and summer camping from March to July is still the mainstream, autumn and winter camping from August to December is also becoming popular. And if you want to go without fear of wind, frost, rain and snow, and just go in the four seasons, the RV is even more precious.

Like continuous and stable power output, you also need a good car with superior power performance. In this regard, electric vehicles still have significant advantages over traditional fuel vehicles.

Towing an RV requires a stable and long-lasting towing force. However, the fuel engine of a traditional gasoline car has a small torque at low speed, and usually needs to be above 2000-3000rpm to output the maximum torque. Moreover, under different road conditions, fuel vehicles also need to frequently switch gears to make the vehicle reach the required power and torque, causing shifting shocks and increasing fuel consumption. This is obviously contrary to the concept of comfort and efficiency.


The disadvantage of the engine is exactly the shining point of the electric motor.

In terms of power output characteristics, electric motors are much more direct and efficient than internal combustion engines – the electric motor can obtain its maximum torque at the low speed at which the rotor starts.

Taking the NIO ES7 as an example, because it is equipped with a dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive system, the maximum comprehensive power reaches 480kW, the peak torque reaches an astonishing 850Nm, and the maximum total traction mass reaches 2 tons. Code-approved electric concealed tow hitch for towing your RV on all kinds of roads and powering it at the campsite.

Whether you are a single, exquisite and lucky person who yearns for “escape from the city”; He is still married and has children, and is eager to improve the parent-child relationship in a fancy way; Or social cattle who are keen to take pictures in a dreamlike natural atmosphere and regard camping as a personal life show, it is not difficult to find their own lasting joy in “RV camping”.

What are you waiting for, let’s fill up the atmosphere and let’s go.