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Xpeng reported April delivery of 7,079 units | P7i continued to sell well with delivery being sped up | G6 gained great popularity at Shanghai Auto Show

On May 1, Xpeng released its April delivery results.


Today, we announced the latest delivery results.

In April 2023, Xpeng delivered a total of 7,079 units, and the P7i continued to sell well.

At present, the production capacity of P7i has been significantly increased. Next, we will speed up the delivery process, so that more users can pickup their cars faster.



On April 18, our latest model, the Xpeng G6, was officially unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show and gained great popularity. The booth traffic hit a new high.

As the first strategic model under the SEPA2.0 “Fuyao” framework, the Xpeng G6 is equipped with the latest technologies of Xpeng Motors in the fields of intelligent systems, power supplements, and intelligent manufacturing of complete vehicles. It will be officially launched nd delivered at the end of the second quarter.

This month, Xpeng G9 obtained the license for passenger-carrying test on Guangzhou’s third-level roads. It is expected that in the second half of the year, the autonomous driving passenger-carrying test will be launched for all users in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, so that more users can enjoy the new experience of intelligent driving travel.