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BYD Shenzhen CloudBus (internet-cloud-connected electric light rail) opened: fully automatic operation, facial recognition entry, auto-sensing payment


According to HuanQiu Net Technology, Shenzhen’s first CloudBus municipal line was officially opened on April 28. It is Shenzhen Pingshan CloudBus Line 1.

This time, the first phase project of Shenzhen Pingshan CloudBus Line 1 was opened. The line starts from Shenzhen Pingshan High-speed Railway Station and ends at BYD North Station.

It has 3 interchange stations with subway and high-speed rail, and has 1 highly intensive comprehensive parking lot that takes into account the special functions of rail transit and social public service functions. The station and the building are connected by an attached corridor, which is very convenient.

According to BYD, CloudBus is equipped with a fully automatic operation system, which can automatically wake up, automatically sleep, automatically enter and leave the maintenance station, and fully automatically charge and cut off power, which can realize unmanned operation between travel sections.

Coupled with the integration of facial recognition check-in, auto-sensing payment, unmanned driving, instant second-time-level turnout, lithium iron phosphate battery UPS system and other technologies, from intelligent scheduling, to intelligent operation and maintenance, to traffic control, it realizes the ultimate combination of system-life, safety, economy and environmental protection.

Shenzhen Pingshan CloudBus Line 1 adopts 4 marshalling vehicles, with a designed maximum speed of 80km/h, low noise, high safety, small turning radius (minimum radius is only 15 meters), and on-board wireless Internet access function.

CloudBus Line 1, which adopts unmanned driving technology, can provide 18-hour traffic service, which can meet the needs of night passenger flow to a certain extent, and break the limitations of traditional rail transit and public transportation that cannot provide late-night traffic services.

Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD, said that Shenzhen’s first CloudBus Municipal Line, as an innovative and cutting-edge black technology and a new green transportation, is the city’s first attempt to control traffic congestion and realize the organic combination of large and small transportation volumes.

Smart CloudBus was developed in Shenzhen more than ten years ago, and it has taken an unprecedented road. It is not just a simple product or system solution, but represents Shenzhen and BYD’s views and explorations on future urban development trends.

As the world’s first small-capacity rail transit system with independent intellectual property rights and unmanned driving, smart CloudBus has completely independent intellectual property rights and has applied for more than 3,000 patents, realizing the deep integration and independent control of the industrial chain and innovation chain.