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NIO released 2023 May Day Holiday NIO User Travel Report

On May 05, NIO released 2023 May Day Holiday NIO User Travel Report.


2023 May Day Holiday NIO User Travel Report

Data statistics time



Take advantage of youth
See the mountains and rivers of the motherland

Total mileage
140,105,779 kilometers

Total driving time
4,475,598 hours

Cumulative carbon reduction
9,211 tons

Travel with pure electricity
Meet the clear sky

Departure peak
April 28

Return peak
May 4

Top 3 cities with the most travel users

hangzhou city


Top 3 cities with the most travel destinations
Suzhou City



Take a trip
Every place you stay has its own scenery


Accompanied by intelligence

Enjoy easy driving
Escort assist enabled

Use of NIO’s assisted driving function

Total mileage
18,090,734 kilometers

Cumulative usage time of users
226,143 hours

Where navigator assist (NOP) uses total mileage
6,306,529 kilometers

Enhanced Navigation Assist (NOP+) Use Total Mileage
4,343,252 kilometers

Happy journey
More relaxed


Accompany every journey with sound

Accumulated NIO Radio playback during the holiday trip:
3,536,191 times

Listening time:
462,642 hours

The most listened program:
“GO! Moving Block”

“NIO Immersive Sound” music library play total:
1,052,607 times

The most played song:
“Missing is a disease”

The most listened singer:
Zhang Zhenyue

Brighten up your journey with music


Extremely fast full charge
Immediately go to the poetic distance

Providing battery wap service during May Day:
432,191 times

The highest battery swap service in a single day
68,748 times

The May Day holiday continues to provide all users
Unlimited highway free battery swap service*

A total of 138,552 highway free battery replacement services have been provided, saving users 104,087 hours of high-speed travel time**

Peak of highway battery swap in a single day:
23,632 times on May 2

*except commercial vehicles
**Compared to a single average charge of 60 minutes

Some users exchanged batteries all the way from Jilin to Shenzhen
Checked in 16 power stations along the way
Achieved zero cost running north-south

The most lively high-speed battery exchange network TOP3:
G15 Shenhai Expressway
G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway
G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway

15,137 NIO charging piles across the country

Cumulative service 315,455 times

Among them, 79.5% of the electricity served other brands

Among them, 115 supercharge stations in highway service areas

Bring convenience to more non-NIO users for highway travel

A total of 1,521 point red envelopes were issued by scanning the code and powering up

Unlocked 164,268 bonus points

Provided “one-key power-up” service 9,094 times

The service farthest from the place of usual residence:
Guangzhou City – Bayingoleng Mongol Autonomous Prefecture

The most popular Power Journeys routes TOP3:
Northern Guangxi Landscape Ring Line
Hangzhou Bay Ring Line
Hainan Island Seashore Line

Happy to explore the most beautiful distance

There are 2,241 users participating in the battery sharing scheme

Helped users in need reach farther places

Flexible battery upgrade 3,494 times

Fully charge for happy travel


Peace of mind always
Travel freely with service company

During the May Day period, users initiated the “one-key maintenance” service through the NIO App 14,199 times

Mobile and road rescue 791 times

Arrived at the scene for rescue within 9 minutes at the fastest

194 on-site processing on behalf of users

One-touch call, worry-free car wash service 16,225 times

18,566 door-to-door pickups and deliveries

19,671 times of valet parking

TOP3 of the most popular valet parking places:
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport

Provided driving services 4.540 times

43 customized escort routes

The most popular escort city: Chongqing

22 users brought their friends to use the barbecue service to make Zibo kebabs easy

Just enjoy traveling
Just leave the service to us


Happy moment
Share with you

NIO House welcomed 349,665 users and partners

“2023 Special Drinks Tour” with a total of 11,420 drinks

Carried out 1,410 themed activities

A total of 22,387 users participated in 55 “Operation Smile | Charity Auctions” to raise 210,000 yuan for the medical treatment of children with cleft lip and palate

Convey warmth and relaying happiness

Want to share every moment with you


Magnificent mountains and rivers, share with you

Looking forward to the next happy departure