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NIO New ES6 Teaser Episode 1

On May 5, NIO released NIO New ES6 Teaser Episode 1.


Life Is On


Facing the sun

How will you start the day

Departure beyond

Together with the brand-new ES6, awaken vitality

Speed up all the way
With full confidence, wake up full of vitality

The whole system is equipped with intelligent dual-motor four-wheel drive as standard
Almighty strength

Maximum power 360kW, maximum torque 700N m

0-100km/h acceleration in 4.5s
Take it easy

Up to 9 driving modes
Complicated road conditions, easy to deal with


Shuttle, flexible and free
Awaken the vitality with a comfortable state of mind

The whole system is equipped with front and rear five-link suspension as standard
Precise and dynamic

50:50 axle load ratio, wide body and low center of gravity
Smart balance

CDC Dynamic Suspension Damping Control
500 times/second adjustment, quick response

Smart Chassis Domain Controller
Flexible expansion and continuous evolution


Stop still, retract-go freely
With calm control, wake up full of vitality

All series are equipped with high-performance four-piston calipers as standard
One-second 100km/h stop at 34.5 meters, safe and stable

ISS intelligent comfort braking system
Follow the car, stop nodding, safe and comfortable

New generation integrated brake control unit
150 milliseconds output maximum braking force, safe guarding

Brand New ES6

Inherit NIO’s high-performance genes

Can run and brake, agile and stable

Wake up alive

Will be officially released in late May

Stay tuned

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