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Why Nezha and CEO of NIO oppose big screen in car

It is learned on May 6 from Car Buddies that a few days ago, Automaker Nezha CEO Zhang Yong made a statement on the current trend of competition in car screens. In his view, children usually spend enough time looking at mobile phones and pads, and this habit is difficult to correct.

Therefore, children should look at the world outside the car, listen to music stories, and sleep more while traveling in the car. Sleep or interact with adults, instead of continuing to look at the screen in another place. According to his introduction, Nezha currently has no plans for a rear exhaust display. His statement is also relatively vague, and it does not rule out the possibility that Nezha will add a display screen to the rear row of new cars.

Coincidentally, at the just-concluded Shanghai Auto Show, NIO CEO Li Bin also made similar remarks. “Some people say why don’t you build a big screen? I said I would not let my children watch the big screen. Why let the user’s children watch the big screen?” Li Bin said in an interview with the media.

Prior to this, Li Bin also expressed on many occasions the opinion of “In fact, there is no need for so many big screens in car”. Zhang Yong and Li Bin made successive statements. Once again, the debate on whether bigger is better and more is better for car screen was placed in front of people.

It is worth mentioning that He Xiaopeng, the founder of Xpeng, also expressed his views on car screens in an interview: “I’m adamantly against having multiple screens in cars. The basis for having more screens is that there are many people in the car. But for a car, how many people are there in what proportion of time, multiplied by a scaling factor, and they use different screens. The input-output ratio is not worth much. “

In his view, the screen is mostly a waste of resources. The actual value generated is not much. But despite this, the “multi-screen” products currently on the market are still quite popular. The most representative is the Li Auto car.

For example, Ideal L9 has taken the multi-screen to a new height. The five large screens of the central control screen, the co-pilot screen, the whole car HUD, the steering wheel interactive screen and the rear screen play different roles. Among them, the rear entertainment screen is used as an “artifact for taking care of kids” for passengers to entertain and relieve boredom.

And the rear screen has gradually become a trend, more and more common. For example, models such as Jikrypton 009 and GAC Trumpchi E9 are also equipped.

What do you think of it? Do you support the practice of car companies setting up large rear screens in the car?