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NIO provided ES7 wild luxury electricity use and consumption list


External discharge function of ES7
Undoubtedly the best way to enjoy the wild luxury experience

Then here comes the question

Want to add wild luxury and comfort?

How much electricity do you need

Let ES7 answer for you next


ES7 Wild Luxury Electricity List
“Outdoors, but also have a comfortable sleep”

Inflate an air mattress with an air pump

Electric air pump 0.055kW

0.055kW X 0.17h (10 minutes)

0.01 kWh


“Outdoors at night, there is also light”
Light the tent with LED table lamps

LED desk lamp 0.006kW

0.006kW × 0.5h (reading before going to bed)

0.003 kWh

“Keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time”

Portable Car Refrigerator Comes in Handy

Car refrigerator 0.05kW

0.05kW × 12h

0.6 kWh


“It’s slightly cool at night and surrounded by warmth”

Place an electric heating stove in the living room tent

Electric heater 1kW

1kW X 8h

8 kWh


“Exclusive private cinema in the mountains”

Drink red wine and watch a long-time favorite movie

Projector 0.042kW

0.042kW X 2h

0.084 kWh


“Easy bathing, relaxing like at home”

To avoid catching cold, dry your hair quickly with a blow dryer

Hair dryer 1.6kw

1.6kW × 0.17h (10 minutes)

0.272 kWh


“Welcome the mountain breeze and morning light with exquisite breakfast”

Make yourself a breakfast on the induction cooker

Induction cooker 2kW

2kW × 0.25h

0.5 kWh


A pleasure wild luxury

Total consumption: 9.469 kWh

Approximately equal to driving 50km

*The above electrical data is for reference only, please refer to the actual consumption


ES7 External Discharge Tips

Via NIO Portable Charging and Discharging Machine

ES7 can achieve a maximum external discharge power of 3.3kW

In the outdoor wild luxury scene

Can support stable operation of multiple home appliances

And with IP66 waterproof and dustproof, eight-protection design

No fear of complex outdoor environments, even severe weather

In the mountains, enjoy the freedom of electricity


Share which electrical appliances you used when you and ES7 do Wild Luxury

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