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Luckin Coffee reported the establishment of Ethiopia Office | Close to 17,000 tons of the total local purchase in 2022

On May 7, Luckin Coffee reported that Luckin Coffee Ethiopia Office was established and the company purchased nearly 17,000 tons of Ethiopian high-quality coffee beans in 2022, continuing to bring back higher quality coffee with newer production seasons for consumers.



Relying on the Ethiopian office, Luckin will establish strict quality control standards and standardized processes in the place of origin, further improve the ability to control the quality of coffee beans, and advance Luckin’s high-quality requirements to the “last meter” of the place of origin.


At the beginning of this year, Luckin launched the “Global Seeking Bean Project”, which is committed to bringing the world’s best beans from the place of origin to Chinese consumers to meet higher quality and more diversified consumer demand. Ethiopia is one of the key production areas of Luckin Coffee’s “Global Bean Sourcing Plan”.

At present, Luckin has dispatched a team of professional bean hunters to the Ethiopian office to control the quality of coffee from the source, to in-depth participation in planting and harvesting, green bean processing and other links , to bring back higher-quality coffee with newer production seasons for consumers.

According to the “2022 Local Coffee Consumption Trend Insight Report”, the average annual growth rate of coffee consumption in China is 15%, and consumers’ demand for high-quality coffee is rapidly increasing. In 2022, Luckin Coffee’s green bean consumption reached 23,000 tons, an increase of 97% compared to 2021.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, Luckin Coffee continues to expand the procurement of high-quality green beans. At present, Luckin has established close cooperative relations with six major coffee producing areas in Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, and Yunnan, China.

Take Ethiopia, a world-renowned high-quality coffee producing area, as an example: in 2022, Luckin Coffee purchased nearly 17,000 tons of green coffee beans in Ethiopia, including 4,000 tons of specialty coffee beans. Ethiopian specialty coffee beans such as Oiran and Yirgacheffe are well known to consumers through Luckin. At the beginning of 2023, the purchase volume of “SOE Oiran” specialty coffee beans listed by Luckin will reach 260 tons, an increase of 118.69% compared with 2022.

At present, Luckin’s Ethiopia office has established strict quality control standards and standardized processes to ensure that the indicators and flavors of each batch of green beans meet Luckin’s requirements for high-quality coffee. In the future, Luckin’s Ethiopia office will continue to introduce advanced equipment and technology, establish a modern laboratory, and further improve the ability to control the quality of coffee beans.

Every cup of Luckin Coffee comes from high-quality coffee beans. The establishment of Luckin’s Ethiopia office is not only a reflection of the quality control of coffee, but also a further upgrade of Luckin Coffee’s competitiveness in the global industrial chain.