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NIO’s legal department officially launched

It is learned on May 8 from media outlet ZAKER that just today, NIO’s legal department was officially launched, and registered accounts on the Douyin and Weibo platforms.


According to internal sources, this move is to crack down on false statements and inducing and inflammatory comments against NIO on the Internet, which will seriously affect the reputation and image of NIO; It is reported that the first “target of law enforcement” of NIO’s legal department is “a certain bull talking about cars” who is suspected of discrediting NIO recently; Although it was late, it was not easy for NIO car owners. The company established a legal department, and it was celebrated everywhere.

Before NIO, Tesla, Li Auto, BYD, and Geely all set up legal-related accounts to combat black public relations on the Internet.

BYD and Geely even set up reporting centers to collect clues and evidence from netizens about brand black public relations. If the source of evidence is legal and verified to be true, the company will reward the clue provider with cash.