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BYD: Seal Champion Edition official launch with pricing release

On May 10, BYD announced the official market launch of Seal Champion Edition and release the pricing.


Appreciation | New Addition

Seal Champion Edition

Seal pricing comes

Official guide prices

550km Elite Version
189,800 yuan

550km Noble Version
202,800 yuan

700km Premium Version
222,800 yuan

700km Performance Version
239,800 yuan

650km Four-wheel Drive Performance Version
279,800 yuan

Launch Benefits

“Seal” renewal gift
0 interest for 2 years

“Seal” charging Gift
5,000 yuan energy replenishment subsidy

“Seal” worry-free gift
The first car owner can enjoy a free charging pile and free installation within 2 years

“Seal” internet connection gift
Lifetime warranty for the three-electric system of non-commercial vehicles (the first owner), and the warranty period for the whole vehicle is 6 years or 150,000 kilometers

2-year free car data for all series (5GB/month)

2 years free cloud service for all series

“Seal” free gift

2-year free E-Call emergency rescue and I-Call smart customer service for all series, free intelligent voice interaction system for all series

Full series of free manual sunshade (boutique)

Notes: From May 10 (including the current day), the above rights and interests can be enjoyed by completing car purchase and invoicing before 24:00 on May 31. For details of the rights and interests, please consult the local dealer *The above financial products are provided by cooperative financial service institutions. The loan amount is different, and the annualized interest rate of the product is 0-7.95%