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The first case of NIO’s legal department: Suing “Cheshiji” and its operator, demanding an apology and compensation of 2 million yuan in damages

On May 10, according to news by Fast Technology, a few days ago, the account of NIO’s legal department was officially established, and just today, it released the first case since its establishment.


It said:

Recently, there have been a number of organized and large-scale malicious attack manuscripts and videos targeting NIO and NIO users on the Internet, as well as a large number of negative troll comments with the same content and the same theme.

These attempts to interfere with the normal operation of NIO and reduce the public’s evaluation of NIO and NIO users have seriously misled the public, greatly damaged the legitimate rights and interests of NIO and users, and are suspected of seriously violating relevant national laws and regulations. In response to the above situation, NIO is protecting its legitimate rights and interests through litigation and other means.

For example, the online account “Cheshiji” and its operator Shanghai Yunti Information Technology Co., Ltd. deliberately made false statements in its video to mislead the public by comparing the prices of foreign models without batteries with those of complete vehicles with batteries, and maliciously hyped by inciting national sentiment, slandering NIO, and stepping on one another.

In this regard, NIO has initiated a lawsuit, demanding an apology and compensation of 2 million yuan in damages. During the litigation process, “Cheshiji” continued to maliciously release videos that distort the facts and mislead the public through its account. In this regard, NIO has obtained evidence and sent it a lawyer’s letter, requesting to delete the content and apologize.

NIO will continue to resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of NIO and users through legal means, and defend the dignity of the law.

If you have any information including the above-mentioned cases that are suspected of infringement, or even suspected of accepting benefits from others or infringing on NIO or NIO users for your own illegal interests, please contact nio.legal_report@nio.com to provide clues. NIO will give corresponding rewards to providers who have legal effect, legal sources, and can be used to confirm evidence of infringement or even crimes.