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NIO reported the official completion of Power Journeys | Ningxia Plateau Green Island Line

NIO reported that on May 11, Power Journeys | Green Island Line in Ningxia Plateau was officially completed.

Departing from Yinchuan, Ningxia, we will go to the west of the country and enjoy the Loess Plateau and Green Island together.

Power Journeys | The Ningxia Plateau Green Island Line route is about 430km long, and there are 6 supercharging stations along the way, starting from Yinchuan, all the way to the south, passing through the Chinese Yellow River Building, Tonghu Grassland, Mount Sumeru, Huoshi Village, all the way to Liupan Mountain, providing users with a more pleasant tram travel experience.

Wu Zhong | Zhonghua Yellow River Building

The China Yellow River Tower is a museum that fully displays the splendid civilization of the Yellow River for 5,000 years. It integrates the Yellow River, irrigation, farming, and Hui culture, and fully reflects and reproduces the soul of the Golden Bank of the Yellow River. The Yellow River Tower in China records the historical scenes from Dayu’s water control to the people’s control of the Yellow River and the development of the Yellow River for the benefit of mankind for thousands of years. Here, the story of the mother river and the golden bank land will continue.

Recommended energy points:
NIO Supercharger Station | Wuzhong Xisheng Petroleum City

Zhongwei | Tonghu Grassland
Tonghu Grassland is 26km away from Zhongwei. It is the fortress of the North Road of the ancient Silk Road. It is embraced by groups of sand, and the sand peaks stand in forests, undulating and scattered, stretching as far as the eye can see. The Wangwang lake is locked, forming a desert wetland grassland with a radius of nearly a hundred miles, known as the “Garden of Eden in the desert”. In addition to the magical scenery, there are also desert herdsmen who have thrived on horseback for generations and share weal and woe with the grassland. Under the good fortune of nature, they are both independent and harmoniously combined. They are charming and beautiful.

Recommended energy points:

NIO Supercharger Station | Zhongwei Shapotou Water Town

NIO Supercharger Station | Zhongwei Zhongning Yumin Road

Guyuan | Mount Sumeru

Xumi Mountain is located at the northern end of Liupan Mountain in Ningxia, on the north bank of Sikouzi River 55 kilometers northwest of Yuanzhou District, Guyuan City. In this area, the Guanshan confronts each other, the mouth of the gorge is narrow, the gullies are deep and dangerous, and the strange peaks are towering. In ancient times, the Sikouzi River at the foot of the mountain was called Shimen Water. Shimen Pass was set up on the water, which became an important channel in the eastern section of the Silk Road. Today, the site of the pass has disappeared, but the grottoes distributed on the eight cliffs are still full of artistic brilliance.


Recommended energy points:
NIO Supercharging Station | Guyuan Home Inn
NIO Supercharger Station | Guyuan Sinopec Gaoping Road Station

Guyuan | Huoshi Village
Huoshizhai National Geological (Forest) Park is located in Huoshizhai Township, 15 kilometers north of Xiji County, and 28 kilometers east of Xumi Mountain Scenic Area.

Because the rocks on the mountain are dark red, especially under the cover of green trees, they look like burning flames, so it is called Huoshizhai. Every spring and summer, the mountains are full of wild flowers and grasses, colorful, bees love butterflies, and are full of vitality. Among the sparse forests, there are also clusters of arrow bamboos, adding a bit of southern beauty to the northern landscape.

Guyuan | Liupanshan National Forest Park

Liupanshan National Forest Park is located in the south of Ningxia, spanning two counties and districts of Jingyuan, Longde and Yuanzhou in Ningxia, with a total area of 67,800 hectares, and the main peak, Migang Mountain, is 2,942 meters above sea level.

This is the junction of the farming culture of the Central Plains and the nomadic culture of the north, and it is also a must pass through the northern road in the eastern section of the ancient Silk Road.
Liupanshan National Forest Park has a forest coverage rate of more than 80% and a suitable temperature. It is a rare “natural oxygen bar” in Northwest China and a must-see summer resort in midsummer.

Recommended energy points:

NIO Supercharger Station | Jingyuan Yuanfeng Hotel

We welcome riders from all over the country to travel along the Power Journeys | Ningxia Plateau Green Island Line, shuttle between mountains, rivers, and deserts, and start a pleasant journey on the land of Northwest China.


Power Journeys

Power Journeys is an energy layout project launched by NIO to allow users to travel happily and reach poetry and distant places.

In destinations with imperfect infrastructure but highly desirable destinations, it deploys charging and swapping facilities to meet the energy replenishment needs of car owners, so that electric vehicles can also go where gasoline trucks can go, and create classic or popular self-driving routes or other self-driving routes for users to help travelers fully explore the beautiful scenery and splendid civilization of the journey.

As of May 2023, NIO has accumulatively completed 54 long-awaited routes, including the three Tibet routes from Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan, the Hexi Corridor, the Duku Highway, the Western Sichuan Grand Ring Road, the Hulun Buir Grassland Line, and the Shenzhou North Pole Line. .