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NIO reported the official completion of Journeys| Shonan Shanshui Line

On May 13, NIO reported that on May 12th, Power Journeys|Shunan Shanshui Line was officially completed, starting from Changsha, the star city, all the way to the south, passing Nanyue Hengshan, Chenzhou Dongjiang Lake, and arriving at Chenzhou Suxianling. Starting along the southern Hunan landscape line to experience the landscape and ethnic customs of Hunan, the passing time will become a beautiful embellishment of the journey of life.

Power Journeys|The Shonan Shanshui Line is about 391km in length, with 6 battery swapping stations, 1 supercharging station, and 1 recharging station arranged along the way, making energy replenishment worry-free. In the landscape line of southern Shonan, you can enjoy the green mountains and green waters, hear the birds and flowers, and feel the beauty of nature.

Changsha|Shanshuizhou City

Shanshuizhou City is prosperous here. Changsha is a hot and straightforward city. From Qu Yuan, Zhu Xi, to Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi, they all lead the way, and the ingenious workmanship of nature makes Yuelu Mountain, Xiangjiang River, Juzizhou and Changsha City a unique place in the world. The pattern of Shanshuizhou City, and Chairman Mao’s “Qinyuanchun Changsha” endowed the city with a strong poetic flavor and charm.


Recommended energy points:

NIO Power Station|Changsha Long Sports Park

NIO Power Station|Changsha Malanshan Sports Park

Hengyang|Nanyue Hengshan

Mount Heng is located in the southeast of the central part of Hunan Province, stretching between the two basins of Hengyang and Xiangtan. Mount Heng is a famous Taoist and Buddhist holy land in China. There are more than 200 temples, temples, nunneries and temples around the mountain. Because the climate conditions are better than those of the other four mountains, there are lush forests and bamboos everywhere, and they are green all year round; Exotic flowers and plants, fragrant in all seasons, and the natural scenery is very beautiful, so it is known as the unique beauty of Nanyue.

Recommended energy points:

NIO Power Station| Hengyang Yancheng Fanhuali

NIO Supercharging Station| Hengyang Nanyue Hengshan Hotel Fortuna

Chenzhou|Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area

Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourist Area is located in Dongjiang Town, Zixing City. The scenic spot has a pleasant climate, beautiful mountains and rivers, and charming scenery. It integrates ornamental landscapes and entertainment projects. Dongjiang Lake integrates the beauty of the mountains and the charm of the water, the beauty of the southern country, and the history and civilization. It is known as “a lake in the sky on earth, with thousands of scenes in it”.

The scenic tourism resources in the Dongjiang Lake Scenic Tourist Area are mainly distributed in the three major areas of Dongjiang Lake, Swan Mountain National Forest Park, and Chengjiang Estuary. Waterfall, drift and win.


Recommended energy points:

NIO Power Station|Chenzhou Jinglun Hotel

NIO Muchong Station|Dongjianghu Nashannashui B&B in Chenzhou

Power Journeys

Power Journeys is an energy layout project launched by NIO to allow users to travel happily and reach poetry and distant places.

In destinations with imperfect infrastructure but highly desirable destinations, it deploys charging and swapping facilities to meet the energy replenishment needs of car owners, so that electric cars can also go where gasoline vehicles can go and creates classic or popular self-driving routes or other self-driving routes for users to help travelers fully explore the beautiful scenery and splendid civilization of the journey.

As of May 2023, NIO has accumulatively completed 55 long-awaited routes, including the three Tibet routes from Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunnan, the Hexi Corridor, the Duku Highway, the Western Sichuan Grand Ring Line, the Hulun Buir Grassland Line, and the Shenzhou North Pole Line.