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China Electricity Council and BYD signed a strategic cooperation agreement for in-depth cooperation in the field of electric power and electric transportation

It is learned on May 14 from IT Home that according to the China Electricity Council, on May 10, China Electricity Council and BYD officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The two parties will focus on the national new-type energy storage development strategic goals, and build an exchange and cooperation platform in scientific and technological project cooperation, standard application and revision, safety risk assessment, safety production technical services, and energy storage technical service system construction.

The person in charge of BYD’s energy storage and new battery business department expressed the hope that in the future, the two parties will achieve in-depth cooperation in the field of electric power and electric transportation, and build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient new energy system.

It is understood that China Electricity Council is an association organization legally registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, representing the national electric power enterprises and institutions and electric power industry organizations,

The seventh council of China Electricity Council was established in April 2021.
Up to now, there are 1278 member units (315 director units and 963 ordinary member units), establishing 17 professional branches, 2 professional committees, and hosting 11 national professional associations.