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Luckin Coffee: Shanghai Coffee Week — 10,000 free cups per day

On May 15, Luckin Coffee submitted a poster on social media to promote Shanghai Coffee Week with 10,000 free cups per day


Luckin Coffee

Shanghai Coffee Culture Week

Limited time rush

10000 cups per day

Free coffee in town!

From May 17th to June 2nd, 10:00-11:00 am every day

@ Shanghai’s Ariba Di

The 2023 Shanghai Coffee Culture Week is coming!

Xiaorui also came to join this coffee carnival

Bringing you 10,000 free cups of coffee every day

There are also limited cup holders & offline coffee carts waiting for you to check in

Let’s make a strategy and make coffee together~


The cup sleeves that Ruimen people must have are indispensable!

“Shanghai Coffee Culture Week” limited cup sets are launched simultaneously

Limited time 7 days, limited quantity

Friends who love to collect, don’t miss it~


At the same time

Xiaorui coffee truck also appeared in Shanghai!

Come to the offline pop-up store to check in

Have a chance to win a lot of exciting merchandise

There is also a gashapon machine waiting for you to try your luck!