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NIO explains ET5 easiness and immediate high-performance

On May 17, NIO released a poster explaining ET5 easiness and immediate high-performance.





Inheriting the NIO supercar gene

Combining excellent performance and smart handling

Extremely enjoyable high-performance experience

NIO ET5 one-touch, get started right away

Surging power


Acceleration from 0-100km/h in 4.0s

Speed up and drive smoothly

Dual-motor intelligent four-wheel drive, rear-biased drive force output

Maximum power up to 360kW

Aerodynamic design

Excellent vehicle aerodynamic performance

8 driving modes

Easily adapt to different driving needs

Flexible control

High-performance braking system, the braking distance for 100km/h is 33.8m

Fast response of braking force, pedal linear follow-up

Front and rear five-link sports suspension, fast steering response

Greater control over wheel position and direction of motion

Exclusive sports chassis tuning, the chassis is tight and neat

Effectively filter vibration and reduce redundant bounce

Axle load 50:50 superior distribution, 482.6mm ultra-low center of gravity

Make the control more balanced and stable

Safe driving

Roof strength far exceeds that of similar models

One side can bear 5.6 times the weight of the vehicle

Ultra-high-strength steel-aluminum hybrid body

The torsional rigidity of the whole vehicle is as high as 34,000Nm/deg

Standard 7 airbags

Including the rare middle airbag at the same level

23 safety and driver assistance functions

Escort for safe travel

Responsive and flexible

Inheriting the high-performance experience of supercar gene

NIO ET5, start right away