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NIO released ET7 promo: Pay tribute to the era and lead the change

On May 18, NIO released ET7 promo: Pay tribute to the era and lead the change.


Pay tribute to the era

Lead the change




Daily commute

Business commuting with ET7

Leading design, showing attitude

Various occasions, full of confidence


09:00 Café

Meet at the coffee shop to start an efficient day

5.1 meters body size, powerful aura

Unconventional design, perfect integration of autonomous driving perception hardware

ET7 makes business trips full of style


10:00 Business District

Switch to busy work

40W central control wireless charging, taking into account convenience and efficiency

Renewable rattan, meteorite chrome ring decoration

Texture in the details

ET7 Let every departure, exquisite enjoyment

17:00 Substation replacement in urban areas

Rechargeable, replaceable, upgradeable

Power stations all over the city are right by your side, and you can start with a full charge in just a cup of coffee

ET7 makes the busy schedule full of efficiency


Intercity travel

Shuttle between cities with ET7

Intelligent driving, easy arrival

Enjoy every journey with peace of mind

09:00 Parking lot

7.1.4 Immersive sound system, with front and rear double-layer soundproof glass

Highly restore the real sound, easily isolate the noise from the outside world

Experience the quiet meeting environment in the cockpit

ET7 allows business meetings to break through location restrictions

10:00 Downstairs of the company

NOMI artificial intelligence partner, free hands, interact at any time

10.2-inch HDR digital instrument + 12.8-inch AMOLED central control screen

With HUD enhanced head-up display system, the navigation information can be seen at a glance

ET7 makes work and travel more intelligent and worry-free


11:00 Highway

NIO NOP+ Enhanced Pilot Assist

Efficient traffic in high-speed or urban expressway scenarios

Intelligent air suspension and CDC, leapfrog driving experience

ET7 makes intercity travel more than just safe and comfortable

Personal comfort

Enjoy yourself with ET7

Relax and be alone

Charging time, easy and comfortable



13:00 Outside the tennis court

From workplace to stadium

Intelligent frameless electric suction door, elegant in and out

The kick sensor of the electric tailgate opens, making it easier to pick and place ball equipment

ET7 Let you charge in the afternoon and relax freely

18:00 City crossing

Whether changing lanes or turning

Multiple driving modes, free to switch

3.8s zero-hundred acceleration, surpassing whatever you want

ET7 makes every startup fun

21:00 Apartment downstairs

Take a short break after working overtime, and enjoy the panoramic digital cockpit in the night view

201-inch AR giant screen viewing, comparable to the immersive experience of the theater

Seat massage combined with intelligent fragrance, enjoy the moment of solitude

ET7 Makes Busy Workdays, Re-energizes


Every step of the way
ET7 helps you cope with confidence and lead the change together

The 2023 ET7 is now arriving in stores

Welcome to store experience