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BYD Seal won the double certification title of “Safety Star + Green Star” at the 2023 Auto Evaluation International Summit

A few days ago, at the “2023 Auto Evaluation International Summit”, the China Automotive Technology and Research Center released the “Excellent Models of the 2022 Evaluation”. The Ocean Seal series model BYD Seal is a popular new energy vehicle in 2022. At the same time, it is also the only model that won the dual certification titles of “Safety Star” and “Green Star” in 2022, becoming the biggest winner of this summit. This award is not only a high recognition of BYD Seal, but also an authoritative hard-core endorsement comparable to the car consumer buying guide.


The summit was hosted by China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: China Automotive Center), focusing on the three themes of intelligence, green and safety. Through strict selection of participating models, the aim is to select annual models that are aimed at the Chinese market, recognized by consumers, have market guidance, and reflect future trends.

“Safety Star”, an industry benchmark

In the previous C-NCAP2021 test, Seal received a five-star safety evaluation.
Among them, in terms of occupant protection, which is the most concerned by users, the seal’s score rate reached 92.27%. In terms of active safety, Seal also benefited from the excellent performance of various functions, obtaining a score rate of 92.97%.

Seal is the world’s first mass-produced vehicle equipped with CTB battery-body integration technology. Different from ordinary soft packs or cylindrical batteries, the CTB battery system with a “honeycomb-like special structure” is both an energy body and a structural part. It not only solves the problem of the volume utilization of the battery system, but also obtains a longer cruising range by virtue of the advantages of the system energy density.
At the same time, because the underbody in the traditional sense is omitted, it brings a series of advantages to the vehicle’s shape design, interior space, ride comfort, NVH, handling performance and safety performance. It is said that “safety is the greatest luxury of electric vehicles”. The torsional rigidity of 40,500Nm/° endowed by CTB technology makes the body structure stronger, guarantees the travel safety of passengers in all aspects, and allows users to buy with eyes closed and drive with confidence.


“Green Star”, achieving the industry’s top quality

Seal was also awarded the “Green Star” certification by receiving double-A excellent evaluations in “Energy Saving and Environmental Protection” and “Crew Health”.
This certification focuses on the health of occupants and the energy consumption of the vehicle, and especially puts forward higher requirements on the vehicle in terms of air, noise and electromagnetic protection in the vehicle.

Seal uses an eight-in-one electric powertrain, which greatly reduces energy consumption, and has high efficiency, high pressure resistance and strong overcurrent capability, which can withstand harsh conditions such as severe cold temperatures in winter, and is more suitable for use in different climates and temperatures abroad. It has become the main model of BYD’s “going to sea”. In the “2022 New Energy Winter Test” activity organized by the industry media, SEAL has withstood the test of -30°C low temperature and severe cold, and has ranked among the best in a number of test results, and the product reliability has been effectively verified.


Up to now, BYD Seal has sold nearly 80,000 vehicles. With its hard-core product strength, the good-looking, easy-to-drive, fun, and safe BYD Seal is definitely the best choice for high-quality travel in the new energy era.