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Luckin Coffee promo: [Guangfa Credit Card] Drink coffee for 1 yuan for 30 days, a coupon worth 870 yuan is waiting for you!




Luckin × GF Credit Card

Bring you new card benefits

Blessed are the friends who do not have a Guangfa credit card~

Drink coffee for 1 yuan for 30 days, with a total value of 870 yuan

There is also a monthly subscription of 58 yuan coffee voucher!

Quickly call your coffee partner to make a brew together


New customer gift: drink coffee for 1 yuan for 30 days

Activity Objects: Xpress Card (Luckin Version) new customers*

Activity time: May 4, 2023 – September 30, 2023

Activity Rules:

Within 30 days (inclusive) of card issuance, after binding the card to WeChat, Alipay and GF Credit Card WeChat Official Accounts and completing any purchase, you can enjoy 1 yuan per day to buy 29 yuan Ruixing coffee coupons, and you can enjoy up to 30 times, coffee coupons The total face value is 870 yuan!

*Definition of new customers: Customers who have never held a Guangfa credit card or have held a Guangfa credit card but all Guangfa credit cards (including main, supplementary cards, and business cards) under their name have been canceled 1 year before the date of application for this new card client. At the same time, supplementary cards do not participate in this activity.