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NIO ES6 promo on “I Love You” day: More than 520, the queen’s co-pilot, love in daily life | 2023 new ES6 arrived in store one after another

On May 20, NIO takes the occasion of 520 day to introduce the new ES6 with its arrival in stores.


Love is intimate details and comfortable feeling

More than 520

The new ES6 queen co-driver, let love be reflected in daily life


Exclusive is preference

Customize her exclusive sitting style

Queen’s co-driver is equipped with seat heating, ventilation, massage, Air Cushion back soothing system and other comfort functions as standard

One-button linkage of headrest, back cushion, seat cushion, leg rest and foot rest

Eight-point spa-level massage, heating and ventilation can be controlled by zone

Support 22-way personalized adjustment to meet all her comfort needs

Let her stretch out more in the car

One key to have the most relaxing position

Control through the buttons on the side of the seat, the central control panel, and NOMI

Linked Seat Height Position, Fore and Aft Position, Backrest Angle, Seat Cushion Rear Adjustment Control, Leg Rest, Foot Rest

Automatically adjust to one-button reclining/zero-gravity posture

The self-developed seat platform has the function of lifting the rear end of the seat cushion

Make the tail of the seat cushion fit the human body better and improve support

With the large headrest and comfort function, it brings her a “stretch” experience


There are traces of love

A thoughtful design that she can’t refuse

The industry’s unique S-Shape cockpit layout native design

Make the space for the co-pilot more stretched and the field of vision wider

Matching large-size soft light makeup mirror, more queen style

Hidden hooks, storage compartments under the central control armrest and central control storage boxes

Common items such as backpack accessories can be stored

Love grows

The second-generation queen co-driver is fully upgraded

Comfortable for short trips and long-term sitting, relaxing for sitting and lying down

With it, perfect match with “her” every day

The 2023 new ES6 has arrived in the store one after another

Welcome to the store to experience the second-generation queen co-driver