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NIO CEO, Li Bin delivered a keynote speech at NIO Capital conference, sharing views on EV trend and corporate strategy | Zhu Yan, managing partner of NIO Capital, on current economic, industry development status, and investment logic

Source: NIO Capital


On May 22, NIO Capital reported that recently, the 2023 NIO Capital USD Fund and RMB Industry Fund Investor Conference was successfully held in Hefei.

Investors, entrepreneurs, and partners from NIO Capital’s circle of friends from all over the world gathered together to discuss industry development trends and opportunities, and share new ideas and insights.

This conference is the first time in three years that we have brought together investors in RMB and US dollars to communicate and interact face-to-face with members of the NIO Association and ecosystem partners.

We hope to help each other build a closer relationship in this way, increase more trust and resonance, and make communication and cooperation more in-depth and efficient.

To this end, in addition to investor speeches, guest sharing, and themed roundtable dialogues, the conference also specially added a road show (Demo Day) for member companies of the NIO Association, and walked into the NIO production base. While further helping partners to understand industry dynamics and market trends, they can also establish meaningful partnerships and business contacts, allowing sufficient interaction promote innovation, promote investment, and provide a solid foundation for the realization of common vision and goals.

Li Bin, the founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, and the managing partner of NIO Capital, gave a keynote speech at the conference, sharing the views on the development of new energy vehicles and corporate strategy.

He said that last year was a milestone year for the global new energy vehicle industry, because the global sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 10 million for the first time, and China contributed nearly 70% of it. Even during the pandemic, the sales performance of China’s new energy vehicles is still surprising, which also shows that new energy vehicles have completely transitioned from the original policy-driven to product-driven and market-driven, which is a historic watershed.

Despite this, the future is still full of challenges, and the increase in uncertainty is almost a trend that everyone agrees on. Today, we must learn to think about how to develop, how to control risks, and how to seize opportunities in a world of greater volatility and uncertainty; Think strategically with long-term thinking and guide short-term actions; While ensuring that the company’s operating risks are controllable, be more proactive in meeting market challenges.

Zhu Yan, managing partner of NIO Capital, shared the current economic and industry development status, and gave an in-depth interpretation of NIO Capital’s investment logic and management system.

He said that after the pandemic, the recovery speed of China’s economy is very gratifying, and the country firmly supports the private economy and opening up in terms of policy. As the world’s second largest economy, China’s role in driving the global economy is very strong. We have also seen that China’s economic development paradigm is changing. The driving factors are gradually shifting from demographic dividends and real estate infrastructure to technological innovation. The most important driving force behind China’s economic growth in the future will come from the green economy and digital economy.

The macroeconomic paradigm shift has brought about a paradigm shift in the private equity investment industry. NIO Capital complies with the market development trend, has accumulated rich practical experience in the field of technology investment, efficiently utilizes industrial resources to identify future winners earlier, and helps technology to go to the market better and faster.

Since 2022, NIO Capital has actively invested in several subdivided tracks such as smart cockpits, battery technology, energy transformation, semiconductors, and automotive ecology.

As a leading company, the member community of Nio Capital NIO Association is also growing. How to think from a better perspective to deal with future changes and uncertainties? Our answer is to look for certainty, such as innovation and sustainable development, and at the same time join hands with outstanding innovators to do things that are beneficial to all mankind and improve the well-being of all mankind.