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An increase of 100%, NIO increased the capital of a wholly-owned subsidiary in Anhui to 6 billion yuan

It is learned on May 24 from Phoenix Net Anhui that according to Tianyancha APP, on May 22, NIO Automobile Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. underwent industrial and commercial changes, and its registered capital increased from 3 billion yuan to 6 billion yuan, an increase of 100%.


The company was established in August 2020. The legal representative and chairman is Qin Lihong. Its business scope includes research, development, testing and related technical supporting services in the field of electronic technology and new products and components in the automotive industry.

Through the equity penetration chart, it is found that the company is wholly owned by NIO Holdings Co., Ltd.

NIO Technology Anhui Company has invested in two companies, one of which is Zhonglian Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Zhonglian Technology was established in 2020, the legal representative is Fu Bingfeng, and its business scope includes enterprise management consulting;
Car rental;
Equipment Leasing;
Undertake exhibitions and display activities, etc.
According to the data, Fu Bingfeng is currently the executive vice president, secretary general and legal representative of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

In 2021, Zhonglian Technology will add a number of new shareholders, including NIO Technology Anhui Company, Bosch China Investment Co., Ltd., etc. Currently, NIO Technology Anhui Company holds 10% of the shares of Zhonglian Technology.