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NIO reported the start of the new ES6 test drive and lock order | Pricing | delivery arrangement

On May 24, NIO reported that NIO’s smart electric all-round SUV brand new ES6 has opened the lock order.

The new ES6 show car and test drive car have arrived in the showrooms of various cities one after another. From now on, you can contact the exclusive NIO consultant to make an appointment to test drive the new ES6.

Users who pay a deposit to purchase the new ES6 before July 31, 2023 (inclusive) will receive limited-time car purchase rights: worth 9,120 yuan NOP + two-year free use right.

Subscribed users

Pre-order deposit users who complete the configuration and turn it into a deposit before July 31, 2023 (inclusive) will receive a Moon-themed appearance kit worth 8,000 yuan and air-glow orange calipers.

Users who have paid 5,000 yuan for the new ES6 reservation fee can configure their car on the [NIO App]-[Love Car] page after the lock order is opened. Once the configuration is complete, the reservation deposit can be converted into a deposit.

In order to let everyone have a better car buying experience, please upgrade the NIO App to the latest version before ordering the new ES6.

Model and price

Car model Version Battery capacity Whole vehicle purchase plan Battery rental plan Battery monthly fee
Brand new ES6 75kWh ¥368,000 ¥298,000 ¥980
Brand new ES6 100kWh ¥426,000 ¥298,000 ¥1,680

*Model configurations, pictures and other information may differ from the final mass-produced models, and the actual vehicle shall prevail.

The cruising range under comprehensive working conditions is the data of the optional 150kWh battery pack, which is simulated and estimated according to the CLTC battery range test standard, and the specific value is subject to the official announcement. The 150kWh battery pack will be opened and upgraded in a flexible manner in the future.

*Users who have not purchased the service worry-free package need to pay an additional 80 yuan/month battery protection fee.

NIO’s smart driving service will fully adopt the service subscription model of “opening on a monthly basis and paying on a monthly basis”. The subscription price of NOP+ is 380 yuan/month, and the subscription price of NAD is 680 yuan/month.

Brand new ES6 first owner rights and benefits

Users who purchase the new ES6, the first owner can enjoy the following basic rights and benefits of the owner:

-10-year unlimited mileage warranty

-Lifetime free roadside assistance

-Lifetime free Internet of Vehicles

-Lifetime free battery replacement, 4 times per month

For details of rights and benefits, please refer to Annex IV of the “Car Purchase Agreement” – “Notification of Basic Rights and Interests of NIO Car Owners”

Users who pay a deposit to purchase the new ES6 before July 31, 2023 (inclusive), in addition to the above basic rights and interests, can also enjoy limited-time car purchase rights:

Received the first equity stake worth 7,500 yuan;
Or upgrade the number of free battery replacements to 6 times per month.

New ES6 Exclusive Repurchase Rights

Users who repurchase the new ES6 can enjoy exclusive repurchase rights: a red envelope of 30,000 points will be given after picking up the car, among which users of the original ES8 version will receive an additional red envelope of 20,000 points after picking up the car.

All ES6 owners who have already picked up the car will receive an additional 6,600 yuan new ES6 red envelope.

The new red envelope for car purchase will be distributed to the original ES6 owner’s card pack, which can be deducted from the car purchase price when purchasing a new ES6. The rejuvenation red envelope for car purchase can only be used by the person or his immediate family members when purchasing a car, and cannot be transferred as a gift.

For other repurchase rights, such as the first car owner rights transfer, NOP+ free use rights, etc., please refer to NIO App-【My】-【My Rights】

New ES6 Delivery Arrangement

– Users who choose to customize the new ES6 can customize their car and lock the configuration through the NIO App after the lock order is opened. Customized vehicles will start in mid-June 2023, and deliveries will begin successively in accordance with the order lock-up time and reservation payment order.

– For orders locked in configuration before June 4, 2023 (inclusive), production will be scheduled and delivered roughly in the order of payment of the reservation fee.

– From June 5, 2023, orders for locked configuration will be scheduled and delivered in roughly the order of locked orders.

In addition, we have started to produce the new ES6 according to the configuration combination recommended by the designer. If you are interested in purchasing, you can contact the exclusive NIO consultant to purchase. Deliveries of the vehicles will begin on May 25.

If you have more questions about car purchase, you can contact the exclusive NIO consultant, call 400-999-6699 or consult in the NIO App-exclusive service group.