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Luokung reported EMapGo assisting IPG Automotive to empower simulation testing with map cloud service

Source: Luokung Technology


On May 25, Luokung reported that on May 24, 2023, the IPG Open House China 2023 new product launch conference was grandly held at the Ruili Hotel in Shanghai Auto City. eMapgo was invited to participate in this event, and displayed the IPG simulation test software equipped with eMapgo HD Map Service (EHMS for short), which attracted the attention of many people in the relevant industry at the venue.

The autonomous driving simulation test mainly digitizes the application scenarios of autonomous driving in the form of mathematical modeling, establishes a system model as close as possible to the real world, and realizes the test verification of the autonomous driving system through software simulation. The simulation test uses various corner case structures, especially the structure of dangerous scenes, to improve the vehicle test coverage, and to a certain extent, it can replace the real vehicle road test, which is one of the effective a priori means to reduce the cost of autonomous vehicle research and development.

As a global leader in virtual simulation testing technology, IPG provides a complete and innovative simulation solution for vehicle development, which can realize seamless switching in the entire development process of software and hardware, and complete all stages from conceptual design verification to product release. IPG’s virtual prototype system development tool technology allows customers to develop and test new systems in a completely virtual vehicle environment. The new CarMaker/TruckMaker software released this time is a world-class simulation test software for the passenger car/commercial vehicle market. It is applied to different development stages from the concept development stage of the whole vehicle to the integration test of components, and can provide customers with a complete vehicle simulation and testing environment.

EMapGo Mapping uses AI technology to automatically extract laser point cloud/image data, which can effectively improve data production efficiency and reduce office costs.
Map data covers various attributes such as roads, lanes, markings, roadside facilities, and corresponding topology and shape.

Based on the layered and fragmented data organization form and the pain points of map application in the simulation field, EMapGo independently developed and launched the cloud service EHMS. The IPG CarMaker 12.0 launched at this event can conveniently obtain data from the map of the selected area according to the layered slices by calling the EMapGo EHMS SDK, and can efficiently complete the online acquisition map merger and OpenDRIVE conversion format, thereby realizing the simulation test function. It is an innovative technical product for the passenger car/commercial vehicle market.

EMapGo EHMS is compatible with various simulation platforms and has the following advantages:

Real-time update of high-precision map

Flexible fragmentation and hierarchical management of high-precision maps, sound version management

The high-precision map online service provides a complete Restful API, and users can obtain it online on demand

Provide SDK, users can obtain high-precision maps with minimal code

SDK provides real-time merging algorithm and format conversion algorithm, users can dynamically get the required format

For autonomous driving simulation test software, issues such as development cost and data compliance are unavoidable problems. The online service method provided by EMapGo EHMS high-precision map can help the simulation test software to quickly build various test scenarios, Reduce the complexity of ADAS and autonomous driving development environment, save development time and cost. The combination of simulation test software and online high-precision map service will effectively promote the development of the simulation industry. In the future, E-Graphics is expected to cooperate with IPG to jointly customize more diversified simulation test solutions to jointly promote the new development of the intelligent driving industry.