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NIO CEO Li Bin: NIO has already carried out work related to AI large model


On May 25, according to Shanghai Securities News, new ES6 started delivery today and NIO held the press conference for the delivery.

It is worth noting that at the press conference, Li Bin, the founder and chairman of NIO, was asked whether it is possible for NOMI to use a large model, and said:
“The large model gave us a whole new direction. For such an artificial intelligence assistant, or an emotional partner (NOMI), the large model will be of great help to its improvement, and we have already been working on this.”

NOMI is NIO’s in-vehicle artificial intelligence system, which has a powerful learning function and voice command recognition function. Tianyancha information shows that recently, Shanghai NIO Automobile Co., Ltd. has applied for multiple “NOMIGPT”, “NIOGPT” and “KnowmeGPT” trademarks. The international classification involves social law, design research, communication services, scientific instruments, education and entertainment, etc.