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Alibaba: 15,000 new recruits in 2023, on the contrary to recent rumors about layoffs


Source: Alibaba


On May 25, according to Alibaba, recently, rumors about layoffs in various businesses such as Taobao Tmall, Alibaba Cloud, Cainiao, and Local Life have spread widely, but rumors are rumors. What we want to tell you here is that our recruitment is in full swing. We would like to take this opportunity to post our recruitment post again:

In 2023, Alibaba’s six major business groups will need to recruit 15,000 new recruits in total, of which more than 3,000 will be recruited from schools. Welcome everyone to pay attention to Alibaba’s recruitment platform. Thousands of new positions are recruited every day.

If you are willing to join Alibaba, work with us, and become one of our members, welcome and look forward to your resume!

Every year new students join and old colleagues leave. The flow of talents is what all companies have been doing. In Alibaba, talents have been coming in and out, flowing normally. In the face of new situations, new opportunities, and new developments, we have never stopped innovating and upgrading ourselves, and have never stopped recruiting and cultivating outstanding talents. This is the source of vitality for long-term future development.