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CATL: The world’s first zero auxiliary source light storage solution

On May 24, CATL released a post introducing its world’s first zero auxiliary source light storage solution.

CATL photovoltaic storage fusion solution

Open the era of 0 auxiliary source


The world’s first 0 auxiliary source light storage DC coupling solution

Eliminate reliance on external auxiliary power

Light and storage, real-time linkage

The whole site responds in milliseconds, and the response speed is increased by 10 times

Ensure smooth power output

Improve the operation efficiency of the whole station by 10%


The first 15,000-cycle high-temperature-resistant battery cell

Independent temperature control, solar storage with the same lifespan

High temperature cell technology

Using high temperature resistant graphite anode material

Special electrolyte formula

Adaptive to high temperature environment

no cooling system required

Realize 0 auxiliary source

self-heating technology
Advanced Self-Heating Technology
Eliminate heat transfer energy loss

15000 times super long life

The cycle life of the battery cell is as high as 15,000 times in a high temperature environment

Both internal and external, light and storage have the same longevity



First LEMS (Local EMS)

Overcast and sunny, self-responsible for “profit and loss”

Independent local energy management system (Local EMS)

Equipped with all string photovoltaic storage converters

Photovoltaic-storage fusion architecture of CATL EMS

Real-time analysis of work scenes

Millisecond response, adaptive operation

Real-time communication and intelligent intermodulation with the whole station energy management system (EMS)

Achieving “zero” deviation in output power


CATL light storage fusion solution

More efficient, more stable, more flexible

Facilitate the efficient construction of new power systems

Contribute new momentum to a sustainable future