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EHang related activities for International Children’s Day


On May 24, EHang submitted a Weibo post with re-posts for the coming 6.1 International Children’s Day with the message:
Sing the prelude to Children’s Day and give children a “flying” dream//

@Orange Public Welfare: #Children’s heart to see the production#, This Children’s Day,
@ Orange Public Welfare Join hands with Guangdong Construction Bank,
@ EsherIntelligent led the children of Lai Sui to check in the model of the advanced “smart” manufacturing enterprises, and decipher the most shining drone formation technology in the night sky!

Below is the content of one of the re-posts from Sina Guangdong on May 24:

#Children’s heart looks at manufacturing#

[Children’s Day is approaching, bring children to check in the model of “smart” manufacturing enterprises to light up children’s dreams]

The advanced manufacturing industry in Guangdong is booming, and they have made great contributions to regional economic development.

This Saturday,

@ Orange Public Welfare will join hands with caring enterprises Guangdong Construction Bank,

@ EsherIntelligent has created the 22nd session of “Migratory Bird Training Camp” for children in Guangzhou,

Check out the advanced manufacturing industry in Huangpu, Guangzhou, and light up children’s dreams with the charm of science and technology!

Have you ever seen a drone formation performance in the night sky?

The manned electric aircraft can take off safely without a driver!

Various advanced manufacturing codes are waiting for you to explore!